Saturday, 31 December 2005


Saw this pix in one of the deco book i bought
I really like it.
Juz wonder am i daring enough to paint one wall of my room into that red....
ha ha

Happy New Year

Wednesday, 28 December 2005

What am i listening to?

feeling sick again.
so useless lately. =p
suddenly feel like drawing.
so did that drawing after work.
Muz go home....
It is quite dark.
Heard from my msn friend
It is raining outside.......
Cant see a damm thing from the window.
Anyway, so hungry right now.

Yep....I am still not sleeping
Browsing on you tude all night
Looking at old old MTV.
Ought to be sleeping already

Sunday, 25 December 2005

Monday, 19 December 2005

Sunday, 18 December 2005

New addition

New addition to my family
Bought in Ikea


17.12.2005 清晨 00:30 am 加班+吃"蛇"
i tunes 播着 
hm...... ..... ...

Saturday, 17 December 2005


昨天 看了看[针锋相对]

























我想哦 应该是








Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Kings of Convenience

I have recently fallen deeply in love with Kings of Convenience.
I came upon KOC from a compilation album I bought recently.
[The Best Acoustic Album In The World... Ever!]
I love compilation cd. It is the best and fastest way to be introduced to different artists.

Thursday, 17 November 2005



quote from / jimmy, 月亮忘记了

Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Hermit Crab

I was browsing the web for crab images and came arcoss this lovely creature, The Hermit Crab.
What fascinated me most is their make up and habit.....
An extract I took from the web
The hermit crab is a type of crab that doesn't have a very hard shell. Not a true crab, it uses other animals' old shells for protection; they especially like old whelk shells. As the hermit crab grows in size, it must find a larger shell. ..

How cool is that. Changing appearance in different point of life. Some of them has really odd choice of shell making them really weird. But it also make them really stand out. I wondered who gave them the name "Hermit". A wonderer who goes from one place to another. So noble.

The chinese name is 寄居蟹 which is very close to their nature. borrowing someone shelter to live in. =)

Monday, 14 November 2005



Has been listening to her song for the past 1 week.
I almost turn my whole blog in to a Cheer's lryics blog liao.
Like the way she writes the lyrics.
The way her song is compose.
Telling a story with her lyrics.
It is really simiple and plan
But really close to heart.
But often,
I feel more 落寞 after listen to her....ha ha ha
That grey Thursday i blogged,
I was listening to her song the whole day.
It is the same when I watch that Musical "Subway"
with her as the main lead
It is kind of sad,
but with a glint of hope here and there.

Monday, 7 November 2005


Cute little biscuits......
Grandma use to buy them for praying....
But I dun like to eat them when i was young.

Mum bought it last week....
I nearly finish them all.
How strange...

Thursday, 3 November 2005

Juz complaining


I need a breather
I need a breather

Hardly has time for anything
Of coz online is a different thing
At the very least
I am still in contact with human beings
Dying for the day when I can vanish from my online circle

Oh well
Looking forward to Tuesday
But before I reach that day
I will have to burn myself up first
Then i wll…. ….. …..
REBORN like a Phoenix
(sorry, i am talking nonsense again)

For now
My mind is totally blank
Too much on mind
Too much to think about
I found hard to grab
It’s a cycle
It’s happen and happen again
Find myself in the same old scenario again
All the way back to four years ago
Not upset though
juz couldnt believe it
what a drag...

There is a saying
Until one turn around and face their fear (problem),
It will happen and happen and happen and happen again
How dragful
But I believe in that

I wonder.......
what would i do now??
hm..... .....

Tuesday, 1 November 2005




Feeling kind of lost today.
Yes, my turn............
Haiz muz be missing something
see how curiosity kills a cat.....
burn my finger again

Friday, 21 October 2005


刚刚的梦 我似乎

Oh my god 已经
Oh~ Oh~

那年夏天 最后的那一天

Oh~ Oh~yeah
你放下我 走向前

Oh~ 不见 不见了你给的回忆
为什么 曾经深刻的
消失了 没有原因
我的心 已经没有

Oh I 没想起不是忘记
OH I 没想起你是平静


Tuesday, 18 October 2005


樂天派 作曲:彭學斌@口袋音樂 填詞:彭學斌@口袋音樂 編曲:Nai Kong

你沒接我的電話 理由雖然很牽強 笑著說 

你去吧 寂寞卻開始流浪 你發呆時間變長 

我有不祥的預感 卻只猜了一下 一秒後回到你身旁

*把沉默把體諒 當成愛你的力量  


#我以為愛會一直存在  到頭來我只是樂天派  

不應該太不應該相信等待  一定會有例外  

Everything is gonna be alright  


Say Goodbye Bye Say Goodbye 我的愛

希望總是在前方 甚麼事都往好處想

回來又能怎樣 愛再也不一樣

Say Goodbye Bye Say Goodbye 我的愛

Pan Pac- The Atrium

Yesterday, I was there with a friend.
quite a cozy place.
with live music.

Like the decor and
the colours are very dream like.
We picked the seat at the bar area
since there are only 2 of us.
A first time for me.
I hardly stay near the bar area.
My clubing style is alway very lay back and relax
I will alway find a nice sofa seat and relax in it.
I really mean"relax" and unglam
But at bar area
it was different
really interesting.......
I like it.....
coz i still can look at
the bartender la and
see him do his mixing.....
Occasionally toking to u...=)
ha ha sort of remind me of
Chunking express.
Lin Qing xia was at the bar area
drinking alone.
The only lacking thing is a cigartte
which i hardly/ seldom/dun touch.
hm....maybe a wig
and Jin Chen wu
(of coz, my companion that day also can la)

Oh and Finally
found the Tequila Sunrise
that resemble the first TS
my friend mixed for me.
according to him
the way to drink Tequila Sunrise is :
with a straw and
in one breath drink
suck up all the drink fro the bottom of the tall glass
and all the way up.
deal to density,
tequila is alway on the top
so u sort of drink up
all the orange concoctionand
then fellow by the tequila.
xian tian hou gu hm......
dunnoe did my friend sa bo me or not?
coz if i drink like that i will be drunk b4 i can say bottom up.
Anyway, i always like this cocktail.
it look beautiful and it taste nice

Too bad we didnt stay for long......
Juz warm up a little and
it was abt time to go off already.
The last time when i was at
The bar
My friend and I stay till 1.30am
I felt the nite is still young
ha ha ha
suppose to work today.
We all looked tired.

Our ulimate destiny

Has been discussing the matter of death with a friend today.
death.....what a scary words.
I m afraid of death.
Not me but for my love one.
But i noe ...
It is part of life ...
my advice to my friend
treasure whatever time there is
u cant afford to be indifferent
At a point of my life
i was visiting granny in a Hospice almost everyday
the sadest but the most enriching months for me.
the last few days/months/ moments you share with a love one
I see so much from people who has only a few months left.
some chose to be miserable
some chose to have a happy outlook.
Some has hardly anyone visiting them
some has visitors everyday
some decorate theire sleeping area with pix
some stay there long enough to grow potted plants.
some even find times to noe people aro them.......
knowing fully well that they wont be there
It is all a choice.

Ell Pollo Loco

Ha ha my friend response to my Sunday blog. Bring back so much more memories. One more memory to complete the puzzle.Are u reading this? i wondered? =)
Jolene : By the way, miss bing, i had a hot mocha latte!Yup Millenia Walk did give me alot of wonderful memories. My first job was being a waitress in a mexico, spanish fastfood chain, Ell Pollo Loco, Wild Chicken(Bing: Brad Pitt use to work in Wild chicken in California. I wonder if this restaurant is still around) in english. hm... sound weird name isn't it? Been there for abt 7 months. The envoirnment there was much nicer than it is now. After the renovation and new location of the shops, seems that Millenia Walk lose it's sophiscated touch.The beautiful fountain there just behind our restuarant.. in the nite time combine with the quietness of the surrounding and the breeze that comes along. (Bing: ya, with a bottle of sparkling apple juice from the cooler.) So nice and comfortable is the only feeling that i can describe.The late nite chat after closing under the starry sky, margaritas, michael, his fightful day!Patricia, the only female manager, aunty irene, 12 hrs of working, covered 4 stations on Valentine day( Bing: I rememdered that. The scariest valentine time i ever have.), Wang, the mighty ah neh to Geylang, how to get a nice chop of the chicken without seeing the bones! Chantel and Thomas the couple(Bing: how can i forget them. The in designer brand back then). Wee yeow(ooh...) and the kiss and the love letter to miss bing!(Bing: when was this? howcome i dun rememder? who huh?) :)Yup and also to a poor security guard whom had helped me during one nite's closing. He helped me to push the big rubbish bin all the way to the other side to throw the rubbish for me. (Bing: U so good. hOWCOME no one help me before.........not fine.....who is that security guy? u think he is still aro?) Coz he was on duty and i saw him being scolded by his supervisor! Ooh... so sorie abt that and i dun hv any chance to tell him.. well i dun get to see him 2nd time anymore, hope he did not get into any trouble becoz of me. :)................... hehe ... sighz poor me eating up my books now.. @.@ Enjoy hor.. and also like i say.. the bet is never over yet!

Sunday, 16 October 2005

millenia walk

Millenia Walk

The backyard of it anyway

Hardly anyone is there

We have not went there for a long long time

Jolene and I was there for a long time

3 hrs?? We were sitting outside o'brien

me with a cup of irish cream coffee.

Jo, what did u have? I forgot.....anyway, we will

talking abt all sorts of things. ke ke ke so enjoyable....

And our bet. 2 weeks were the duration.

I really didnt expect that bet to end so fast.

Eventhough i won, it still feel bloody bitter . (at least i think so la)

Anyway, so much memories there

at least 6 months of my life was spent there.

waitressing. one big family.

The fountain, the late nite chat under the starry sky, the sea breeze, the corona, the birthday cakes, michael,

his crazy jokes, patricia, aunty irene,12 hr working, Wang,

ah neh, wild chicken, fragant rice,

my pair our Dr martene, my first sunrise tequila and magarita,

boardwalk, the late nite visit from somone, jack in the box, wee yeow, the toilet, long carpark,

Andy.....what else is there?

Oh my godness

my head is hurting again

dun understand

why it refused to go away.














然而,她那熟悉的身影旁站著一個高大而英俊 的男人,
描述著那名男醫生有多麼的善良、 可愛,

帶著自己的戀人在海邊 看日出,










three hearts two thoughts =p

Saturday, 15 October 2005


nnoe watiamdoingan
ddun noewatotherisdoin
gupset upsetupsetupset


zcant waitforweek
ne evennOWafter11hrIsti

enoughan swereve
cursin gyester

Monday, 10 October 2005

london dream

I "saw" Janice on msn today. All the way from London.
She leave for London on friday. seen like a lot of my friends are all there.
Really envy her.


upsetupsetupsetupsetupset upsetupsetupset
upsetupset ihatetodisappointpeople.ijuzdid.

Monday, 3 October 2005

snailing around

Muz be all the rain lately
that have driven all the snails out of their comfort.
Has been seeing a few of them crawling around.....
crawling to whatever place they are heading......
I was on my way to work this morning,
i saw a dead snail in the middle of the pathway.
trying to cross pathway that
lead to the big field across.
quite sad isnt it........
Imagine yourself as the snail
seeing the lush green of field.....
thinking of a better life on the other side....
u started slowly on ur journey.....
and ................
what's a snail's life...........

Sunday, 2 October 2005

wala wala

Finally found a pub that play BANDSOUND
Wala Wala
The expected- The band name
Lead Vocal is a rock chick....
cool gal with an attiude
powerful vocal
great guitarist and drummer
shld hear how they play the guitar
how They rock the house MAN
Guitars,DrumsKeyboard,crowds and
all the great songs all the way
from Deep purple era to green days
absolutely went crazy
when they play nirvana 's come as you are
and one other that i thot is metallical....
shld see how the crowd cheer
HeadbangING to the beat and doing e air guitar .
Rock my blues always

While we were enjoying to the music,
we heard one guy talking very loudly behind us.
Dun remember what he was yelping abt ,
all we heard was F**K here and F**K that.
Everything is end with a F**K F**K F**K F**K

I am usually quite tolerant to a little vulgar language.
I think it is a way of expression and release stream.
But that guy was carrying it to a whole new level.
I was amused, muz see who this "gentle"man was.....
We turned to look
and saw this 40sh Chinese man talking
to a Caucasian man in his " all so slang" American English.
of coz......Garnished with his fave curse word
The best part.......
his American turned out to be a English man from England.
What a laugh? .......

seeing Red

I was reading today newspaper and
found an article that is very interesting.
Seeing Red.
How odd ? coz the other day ,
i was discussing the same issue wi my friend.
Feel like sharing it with u guys and a reminder for myself.

How to cool it
- Relax-Breathe deeply from your diaphragm,
all the way down to your stomach
-Slowly repeat a calm word like "relax" while breathing deeply.
-Visualise a relaxing experience-
Practise these techniques daily and
use them when you're in a tense situation

Change your thoughts
-When u're angry, your thinking can get exaggerated and overly dramatic.
Replace these thoughts with more rational ones.

-Dun go : "Everything's ruined"
Tell yourself : "It's frustrating,
but it's not the end of the world and
getting angry is not going to fix it"

-Remind yourself that the world is not "Out to get you"

Use Humour
-Dun take yourself too seriously. Learn to let go of the small stuff

Saturday, 1 October 2005

Forrest Gump

I finally bought Forrest Gump DVD
after so many years has gone by.
I realised that whenever I m upset
i would alway go back to the famous line of Gump
"Life is like a box of chocolate,
coz u never noe what u will get."

How true......
after 27 yrs of existence on Planet Earth
I came to realised that
Things changes
friend changes
situation changes
relationship changes
Changes is constant factor of life
sadness dun last
trouble dun last
worry dun last
even happiness is juz a passing moment
All an illusion of life
Take it lightly with a pitch of salt
and move on
And hope for the best

Life has never been really smooth sealing for me
(of coz, i cant complain. there are worse out there.)
when i relate certain part of the story to my friend now,
it felt like sombody else story.
The more I said it,
the more dilute it becomes,
less important.
Those memories have been replace by
something more important
What u think is important now,
might not seen as important years later
even hours later as a matter of fact
That's life.

Ever heard of James Blunt "You are beauitful" ?
the opening line is "My life is brillant"
My life feel like that right now.
like the first ray of sunlight
peeping thru the cloub
If u been thru real trouble time
U will understand how I feel ke
How long does it last?
i dunnoe.
But I tresured this moment of my life
I felt truely contented.

Someone commented that
I viewed everything too seriously.
with too much emotion
That hurts
Maybe that true ........
but that me...............

I have being thru a stage
where I am totally indiferent to things around me
withdraw into my own shell and
refused to come out
I still prefer the " me" now.
Maybe I shld try to be milder
but i will still be the same old Yen Wei

I m sentimental
but i hardly shows it
Why borther
when people aro hardly seen to care....
(jo, that is wat u complain abt me rite? I hide it better then u ma )

I m not good at rememdering things
but I rememder all the little gesture that
ppl has done for me time to time.
sweet and it touches my heart :
#That MP3 CD my friend burn for me,
with e one songs (the rainbow connection)
that I really liked
He put it in without me asking him to.
I didnt noe he rememdered ,
but of coz....
maybe he thought i would like it too
which he has rightly guessed
#My friend shoulder that I cried on
when I was devastated.
(try crying all the way from Yishun to Cityhall on a trian
oh well....bloody embarrassing)
# the one person that rememdered
the silliest comment i have made
and repeat it month later-matter of factly
# I have heard a lot of birthday songs in my life,
but that particlar 250620052355
was really sweet.
Shld be really nice
to have a friend like him.
# he who always make me laugh
when I was too tense up- really silly joke.
I alway gave him my famous deadpan look.

to be cont

friends i met along the way

Type of friends I ve met so far in my life.....
# Some friends
I disliked them frm the very 1st meet up
But some how along the way
We got to know each other better n become the best of friend
# Some friends,
They r always there,
Great companion but missing chemistry
I expect them to come and go....
But they r with me the longest
Thru thick n thin
# Some friends,
I thought will b buddies for life
But along the way
we juz drift apart...
even lossing contact wif each other
# gd n wise friends,
comes in all ages/education/religious/sexes/family bkgrd......
Its their mindset n maturity that matter
# Some friends,
I m curious to know
dun mind making e first move
some work out, some doesnt but no regret. at least i tried
# Some friends,

How does one explain the different chemical reaction with people?

Tuesday, 27 September 2005

More than words

My Fav song of all times,
More than words
Cant get it out of my head
ever since I first heard/saw it on MTV
That is, when Music Video is called Music Television Video
and almost all Rockers are in those outrageous early 90s long curly hairdo.
Always like accoustic .
Find the lyrics really lovely and Totally In love with the song
Saying I love you
is not the words I want to hear from you
it's not that I want you
not to say, but if you only knew
how easy it would be to show me how you feel
more than words is all you have to do to make it real
then you wouldn't have to say that you love mecuz I'd already know
what would you do if my heart was torn in two
more than words to show you feel
that your love for me is real
what would you say if I took those words away
then you couldn't make things new
just by saying I love you
more than words
now I've tried to talk to you and make you understand
all you have to do is close your eyes
and just reach out your hands and touch me
hold me close don't ever let me go
more than words is all I ever needed you to show
then you wouldn't have to say that you love me
cuz I'd already know
what would you do if my heart was torn in two
more than words to show you feel
that your love for me is real
what would you say if I took those words away
then you couldn't make things new
just by saying I love you
more than words
more than words

Sunday, 25 September 2005

Dream Vacation EP2 (to be cont)

Nite fall......Time for celebration! yep
We bought a few tea candles and a cream cheeze cake for Jo's birthday. Later found out that she doesnt take cheeze cake. =P Anyway, Birthday girl is watching tv in the room while we busy outside decorating the balcony.

Dream Vacation EP1

Went over to Rasa Sentosa for a very short getaway with Jolene on her birthday. It has been raining for the last few days but it was bright and sunny on the day itself. Ha ha Heng !
3:25+ That was a view from the balcony of our room which was at the 8 storey, at the right wing of the building. According to Jo who is a" regular" that that was quite a good location. Of coz, the best one is at the extreme right. The higher the better.

See that beautiful scene spreads behind us although it was in blue tint.

4: 30+ The pool by the beach.
We took a dip in this icy blue water right after we checked in. Hm.....of coz Jo swam and I juz "soak" in the water. ha ha It is so bloody deep that I dare not attempt to practice my floating. Of coz, It might be deal to my absent from local swimming pool for a long time.
( The Pool start at 1.3 where our neighbour pool start at 1.2.....)

Anyway, has had a wonderful times there. Chatting with one Australian Family from Perth. A family of 4. 2 kids about 3 - 5 yrs old. Their boy Hugo really liked Jolene. Following her everywhere she goes. correction " she swam. Even though he hardly swim, he would hung on to the pool edge and with the aide of his 2 float "swam" toward Jolene. Anyway, while Jolene was playing with Hugo. I was chatting with the dad he hee hee of coz with the wife aro la.
They are here for a one week holiday. Going off on Tuesday, I think. Hugo is having his 4 yr old birthday on Tuesday. Ar......Is it huh Jo? Dun quite remember. Anyway, I was giving them tips on where to go. Some of those off- beaten track.
Ps: that pix was taken in the morning.

9:30 + After meeting up with Liling by the lobby and a nice dinner at Sake Sushi. Quite far from the our location if we walk. We need to took a beach line bus which circle aro the island. Hm......this was the 2nd time I stay over nite on the island. The last time was at Tanjong beach, camped out to watch "FALLEN STARS". By the time we were back at the hotel, it was already quite dark. Delcia was there with Jo birthday cake.
Anyway , Rasa looked really beautiful at nite .

Wednesday, 21 September 2005

Here u go, the rainforest layers
I have been working on for much of August.

Monday, 19 September 2005

Sunday, 18 September 2005

15.8 Happy Mid Autmun Festival

Woke up.
Saw the full moon shining brightly.
Totally Lit up my bedside .
Cant resist,
so pick up my camera that are by my bedside
and took a few shots of it.
Ar....... I was in half dreamy state
so I woke up in the morning
doubting if i really took those pix.

It's Mid Autumn festival again.
so fast....soon it will be over.

Saturday, 17 September 2005

forbidden city

I visited forbidden city earlier this yr.
Such a large and awesome place.
Seeing the city again in 金枝欲孽,
bring back a lot of " we were there" flash back. ha ha

of coz , we didnt get to finish the whole area.
we went thru the main attraction,
and went thru the door that lead to 六 宮 and went out from the YU HUA YUAN
Too many people.
I dunnoe how the production manage to clear the palace of tourists.

The snow scene was beautiful.
I saw it in one of the touristic book.
If ever I am visiting Beijing , FC is definitely muz visit place.

TVB maniac

20:42 I was suppose to be out today.
But having a killer headache.
Muz be yesterday late nite.
Cancel all activities.
slept for quite sometime.

Woke up.....
started watching 金枝欲孽
3 episode to finish

my sis finished the 30 episodes in 2 days
Hao sai let
but if given all the time on hand
I think i can do it too. =)

snow wolf lake night

juz got back .
Caught Snow Wolf Lake finally. Not bad.
I liked the stage production. Hm..... .....
Actors are really great. Very touched (but no, i didnt cry. hee hee)

Finally understand why people like the songs in this musical so much.
It quite different listened to the song performing live.
The story line, the actor expression, somehow juz add up the missing pieces .

o ya, Zhizhong was there too. Seating at the front few row.
The ticket for this musical is bloody X. Mine is $135 (wi discount).
His' $220+ and he is paying for double. ha ha gdness me.......

Anyway, that also reminded me that i should save up and catch The Phamton of the Opera in London? US?Australlia? Has been listen to the OST for so long. eversince since sec 1. really wonder how does the musical look like...............

Its raining cats and dogs..... to sleep
perhaps cant go to tree top walk again.

Saturday, 10 September 2005

The List update

List of things to do :
1. Sleep and sleep and sleep
2. go cycling at East Coast (ya! nxt sat!!!!)
3. Watch The Maid
4. Go shopping
5. hang out with friend
6. Tidy up my room ( still doing it)
7. go Machrichite for walk
8. watch TV
9. pay bill ( i got a lot of outstanding bills)
10. buy tracing paper
11. my work station need a major clean up


That the time I am writting this.
Two horror movie in one night.
1) The Maid
2) The sisters (if u count this as a horror movie)
Like the 2nd one best eventhought The maid is also a enjoyable movie.

Like the setting for The sisters.
Beautiful rural scence yet offset with a creepy plot
Like the soundtrack
a beautiful piano solo for a ghost story
perfectly " werid"

The korean gals also real pretty . Ha ha
I wonder are they for real..... ....

Friday, 9 September 2005

Birthday mooncake

yeh a new creation of Design Business
Found out last min that thurs was Siew Bian's birthday
So we have to make do with what we have in the office.
A mooncake from crown prince which Ban bought on wed
some sugar syrup for the wording
and some nuts for dressing up the cake.
Pretty cool, wasnt it.

Thursday, 8 September 2005


When we are young,
we see only grey

As we grow and learn,
we distinguish black and white

On becoming adults,
we realise the shades of grey in between

Then there are experts who
can detect black in white and white in black

There are also others who argue that
black is white and white is black

Of course there will be a few who
decide what is black and what is white

In the end, its all grey again

There's no limit to human intelligence
and rationalisation.

Dr Chee Kuan Tsee

well, this is an extract I saw from my doctor bulletin board.
Such a interesting refection on life.
poetic too.
Interesting point to ponder.

Sunday, 4 September 2005

The List

List of things to do :
1. Sleep and sleep and sleep
2. go cycling at East Coast (ya! nxt sat!!!!)
3. Watch The Maid
4. Go shopping
5. hang out with friend
6. Tidy up my room
7. go Machrichite for walk
8. watch TV
9. pay bill ( i got a lot of outstanding bills)
10. buy tracing paper

11. my work station need a major clean up

Friday, 2 September 2005

Side profile friday

The idea of side profile friday came from a blog I always visit. But their is self portrait tuesday.
I decide to start with myself. Hopfully, I can expand it to others side profile. Will be quite interesting. I have not fill in the colour yet but I think this pencil sketch look ok too. =)

Thursday, 1 September 2005

Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Saturday, 27 August 2005

what's a difference a sunny day makes.

A type of Forest fungi

2 more days before my deadline.
Will panic soon
client hasnt approved yet. =p

I overslept today
left home for office at 10+
Such a nice weather.
Blue sky
Sunny and windy
Juz the way I like it.

It felt so good to breath in the morning air and
feel the morning sun. =)
Morning air alway feel so refresh and comforting.
(Laundry that are dry under the sun also has that kind of smell too.)

I hardly go outdoor ever since 1 weeks back , my last week routine :
0700 Left home for work (or earilier)
0830 Reach office
1200 lunch ( takeaway)
0100 start work
1100+ Go home (or later, Take cab)
All i breathed in was air conditioned purified air
Articial Flurosent lighting.
What a drag.

I am dreaming of the days after my deadline and installation already. =)
List of things to do :
1. Sleep and sleep and sleep
2. go cycling at East Coast
3. Watch The Maid
4. Go shopping
5. hang out with friend
6. Tidy up my room
7. go Machrichite for walk
8. watch TV
9. pay bill ( i got a lot of outstanding bills)
10. ........

23:35 as usual I am still in office.
Going off liao............晚安

ps: 今天看到宝宝在电视广告上的一小片段

Friday, 26 August 2005


Has been rushing a illustration for layers of forest.
24/7 minus the 5 hrs of sleep
Finished visual today. FINALLY!
What a relief.
I muz have a good rest nxt week.
Catch up on a lot of things i missed. =)
Most of all my sleep.....yawn then
Maybe go cycling,
Maybe catch a movie and
definitely catch up with friends
I have been missing in actions for quite sometime

hm...... muz go home liao.
Have a good night sleep and
prepare a war for tomorrow.
rushing mad deadline.....

Tuesday, 23 August 2005

Saturday, 20 August 2005

Friday, 19 August 2005


Spent half of my day on location, doing measurement and discussing details with contractors. Really nervous how this whole thing is going to turn out......But the process of translating visual to 3 d is really exciting.
I have a new found respect for people who simulate nature using juz cement and plastic. If Pin didnt tell me that those trunks are made from cement, I would never have known. I used to hate fake plants. I thought that they are so plastic. Now, I known it still need great craftman to craft it out. Brillant!
Btw while we were ploting the position on the floor, a few kids stopped to watch us. We were using chalks and was drawing a few irregular shape on the floor.I bet they thought that we were playing. ha ha Almost wanted to use the chalk and plot out the Hop scorch game.
23:35 I am really tire right now. On site supervision alway tired me out, especially when u noe that there are still work to be done. Especially the idea that I still need to return to office. ha ha I amazed at the sale person who goes all over the island to meet client. How did they managed....
My weekend burn out. Need to illustatrate a whole panel of forest layer. But actually looking forward to it.=) To divert my attention =P

Wednesday, 17 August 2005


My mind is now in a mess
Lot of things to think and decide on.

Tuesday, 16 August 2005

The way we were

When was the first time I heard this song?
Maybe 13 or 14 years old.
It was not Barbara Streisand version.

I heard Leslie sang it in his 1993 farewell concert.
That was so so long ago. 12 years at least...
Fall in love with this song,
but his version is by far the best.

Like the corners of my mind
Misty watercolor memories
Of the way we were
Scattered pictures
Of the smiles we left behind
Smiles we gave to one another
For the way we were
Can it be that it was all so simple then
Or has time rewritten every line
If we had the chance to do it all again
Tell me - Would we? Could we?
May be beautiful and yet
What's too painful to remember
We simply choose to forget
So it is the laughter
We will remember
Whenever we remember
The way we were
The way we were


2300 finally printed the proposal. Can pack and go home liao
1130 ubi.....ya stay in office for half an hour. waiting for bus 8. Know it was late.Dun feel like taking a cab.Need sometime by myself. I noe its lunar 7 mth. but who cares...........
0000 on board mrt toward north....... doing nothing....staring into spaces.

0107 Juz got home. an hour drinking Jolly shandy..Hope it will relax me more
0133 Blogging......thinking abt the day event. Did something I m really pround of. so unlike me...but what nxt??? wonder wonder wonder.......likely nothing.....
0136 the weather really hot to sleep like moon really bright. i can see the reflection on my living room floor....
0138 better go zzz liao. all else how to work tommorrow.....

Sunday, 14 August 2005


Spent my saturday in Orchard Library. of coz later go shop shop.
Chit chat wi Delcia at Coffee Clud
0000: got home after catching [Bewitched]Nicole is so charming
0200: still up. Compiling and Cuting a music cd for my friend
-check my with friend.go friendster.....
0300: reading magazine
0330: Fall a sleep
1000: Woke up, got his msg
1015: pass him the cd
1050: Has breakfat cum lunch (dou hua)
1300: Complete the [I have a date with the vanpire 3]
Finally can stop crying. Ha ha [IHADWTV] series alway made me cried.The ending so so but the plot is really unususal and captivting. Likely to have a fourth one man. It is like not finish yet. Oh no I still got [Lost]to catch. Taped it over the weekday
1320: It's raining
1330: Updating my blog,reorganising my thoughts and my day
1335: The rain has stopped. Such a short one
1340: Sh*t, still got a lot of unfinish business
- got to rush out the sketches for tomorrow presentation.
- dress to iron
- house work
- room to tidy
Great ! surely die liao

Leave your old self behind

The new tag line for nike free /reincarnate now promotion
Saw the full version in threatre yesterday.
The one where a runner was debating with himself whether to cont' running or take a breather.
Like it.
really inspiring too.
The Nike creative team has alway been really amazing.

The singer

Wednesday, 10 August 2005


天天天藍 教我不想他也難
不知情的孩子 他還要問
你的眼睛 為甚麼出汗
情是深 意是濃
離是苦 想是空

Tuesday, 9 August 2005


My mum works in hotel as a chambermaid. A Japanese tourist folded those beautiful paper rose for her. Such a beautiful paper rose. The folding is quite different from what I noramlly I should juz unfold it and see how it is done.......>)hee hee

So Full....bURP.....

Company 16th year old Birthday Juz came back from a really meaty dinner at "Brazil Churrascaria". A Brazilian restaurant at Sixth Avnue, serving you with 12 types of grilled meat ( + a salad bar ). They have grilled chicken, grilled muton, grilled beef, grilled fish, grilled.................etc etc muz have consumed all my meat intake for this whole week. ............ It is really a interesting dinning experience for me. Most of the waiters are from Brazil. Really friendly and warm. They would talk to us, sometime mixing in a bit of their own language and even huming too. ha ha It is almost liked they enjoyed serving..... Anyway, the waiter presented the nicly grilled meat on the skew to your table. They would then slice the meat right infront of you with a long knife (25cm+). The distance btween me and the knife was only abt 20 cm apart. hm........... I cant help but think what if......if....ha ha Oh and the highlight of the night was, a Brazil birthday song sung by all the waiters. It was really fantastic. Juz imagine everyone was singing and clipping. I though this kind of scene only happened in movie. ha ha really nice gesture. Oh it is already 0127am /09082005/ HAPPY NATIONAL DAY!!!!

Saturday, 6 August 2005

my obession

I have been watching this Hk drama since friday. Totally obssessed. No need to sleep, no need to read....... Juz wanted to know what happen to the characters. Now I have only finished the 9th disc. Thanks to Ryan for lenting me. I noe it a bit late since the series has been out in the market for donkey year. Dunnoe why I juz dun feel like buying. But now, I really do. Feel like buying the complete series, 1-3.........Actually, I was a fan ever since the first seasons. That was like .......(counting) final year in poly?? Is it that long? The second was aired in spore in 2001 RITE??? That was like so long ago. I rememdered watching the 2nd season every sunday nite without fail. My fav character was Boss,the Vampire King(I have a taste for bad but chi qing character. ke ke). In the third epd he is 完 顏 不 破. So charismatic........ ..=) He is called 陳 啟 泰 . Oh....sorry sorry. I got carry away talking abt guy.(better stop. or else i can juz carry on hua chi'ing abt him) ha ha

green finger

One of the plant in my room.
I love their star shaped leave.
But I never know the actual name to it.
I bought them in Cold storage.
The name on the price label is Potted Plant.
Is it Ivy??
Let see... I got 2 Ivy in my room, 1 outside. another 1 unidentify plant plus 1 catus in my office.
I heard that putting a catus beside ur computer,
can reduced the harmful ray coming out from the monitor.
or something like that.

It is so lovely to have some green in a room.
Make a room look so much cheerful.
But indoor plant is so hard to look after...

Wednesday, 3 August 2005

Hai Ren

I have decided to name him, Hai Ren......... Actually wanted to call it Darkie but my friend commented that it sound like ducky. ha ha Anyway, I think my friend going to name her's GA it dirty..... ha ha ha we are very weird peoples.

Tuesday, 2 August 2005



Isnt the green in this pix beautiful...........
always has a calming effect on me.

Sunday, 31 July 2005

Love at first sight

Very very tired. Having a killer headache now Dun want to talk about anything......... <<< Isnt this doll cute?? Ryan juz gave it to us yesterday. Bought it in Bangkok. I am never a toy person. I only fall in luv with 4 toys in my short 27 yrs of life. A cow, a dog(i forced my friend to buy for me), Ernie and this cute little thing. I have decided that it will be a he. But still no name yet..........maybe vampire...... quite cool..........