Friday, 19 August 2005


Spent half of my day on location, doing measurement and discussing details with contractors. Really nervous how this whole thing is going to turn out......But the process of translating visual to 3 d is really exciting.
I have a new found respect for people who simulate nature using juz cement and plastic. If Pin didnt tell me that those trunks are made from cement, I would never have known. I used to hate fake plants. I thought that they are so plastic. Now, I known it still need great craftman to craft it out. Brillant!
Btw while we were ploting the position on the floor, a few kids stopped to watch us. We were using chalks and was drawing a few irregular shape on the floor.I bet they thought that we were playing. ha ha Almost wanted to use the chalk and plot out the Hop scorch game.
23:35 I am really tire right now. On site supervision alway tired me out, especially when u noe that there are still work to be done. Especially the idea that I still need to return to office. ha ha I amazed at the sale person who goes all over the island to meet client. How did they managed....
My weekend burn out. Need to illustatrate a whole panel of forest layer. But actually looking forward to it.=) To divert my attention =P

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