Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Our ulimate destiny

Has been discussing the matter of death with a friend today.
death.....what a scary words.
I m afraid of death.
Not me but for my love one.
But i noe ...
It is part of life ...
my advice to my friend
treasure whatever time there is
u cant afford to be indifferent
At a point of my life
i was visiting granny in a Hospice almost everyday
the sadest but the most enriching months for me.
the last few days/months/ moments you share with a love one
I see so much from people who has only a few months left.
some chose to be miserable
some chose to have a happy outlook.
Some has hardly anyone visiting them
some has visitors everyday
some decorate theire sleeping area with pix
some stay there long enough to grow potted plants.
some even find times to noe people aro them.......
knowing fully well that they wont be there
It is all a choice.

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