Wednesday, 28 May 2008

These boots are made for walking

Bought these boots 2 years ago. Finally, summoned all my courage to wear it. Not exactly a pair of killer heel ( refer to my old entry) but it sure was not pain free ( at 3 inch, what do u think =D ). But I love how it looked with my jean. All I needed was a cowboy hat. hahaha=D

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Blue sky holiday

I need a Blue sky holiday!
This was an opp view from our RuiLi home stay in Taiwan. It overlooked rows and rows of Tea plantation. Gosh....I missed those cool fresh air in RuiLi Mountain especially in this hot humid crazy climate.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Theme song May

Ever watch [ Ally McBeal ]?
If u do............
u will noe wat a theme song does
Everyone needs a theme song
It is..... .... ....
a quick pick me up
a moral booster....motivation........
Or quite simply ..........something that one hums in the head Sliently
That's was in the world of [Ally Mcbeal]
Anyway Love the tune.... ....Dig the MV...... the lyrics was fantastic
Been in my head for quite a while now
ps: still loving it, even though the lyrics isn't exactly singing abt happy times.....=D

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Working from home day / Ga Ga

Working on some extinct flightless bird last Sunday. I was sketching and watching Supernatural in front of the computer the same time. Guilty =D Nowadays, most of my visual references come from internet. Although it is easy reference, it could be very misleading too. In the end, I would need to cross reference with some other sources. It is almost like detective work. haha . I still love library. Nothing better than printed materials. Somehow there are more details on printed stuff.

Rough keyline sketches

Ga Ga.........

Studying Salamander and "cuten" them up.

PS: That lizard in the pix, ain't no salamander although I have had fun using it to scare the gal in my office. =D It didnt help that Laysee started to "hide" them in all the weird places. Wicked. =D

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Square one

I was linking to my blog yesterday and was so taken aback when Advert started "poping" out of no where. Oh Gosh........I went through Blogger help center, and they advised that it could be one of the third party add on.

With absolutely no idea which of the add on is the culprit, I started trashing them one by one. My counter, You tube video, my blog log and went as far as reverting my whole HTML code to the old format ( which change my whole layout back to 2 columns ~~sob sob)...........Nothing happened. The ads still pop up happily. I got one last one to delete, the Cbox. Thats it. The culprit. Why does it has to be the last one that I delete?

Anyway, now my blog is back to what it is used to be. No third party add on beside the counter. Actually it doesnt look as bad la. Just that all my effort is down the drain liao. Haiz
I have not blog-grumble for a long time, wah! but this one really "frustrated" me. Now stream is let out, i m feeling better already.

Recently I am.....
- watching season after season of Supernatural, absolutely crazy abt Dean Winchester
- anticipating Sex and the city, the movie
- Busy mapping my life.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Door gift

Wedding door gift has been getting very interesting these day. Here's a pair of chopstick and saucer from Billy's wedding. Cute.

Thursday, 1 May 2008


Bought this beautiful patchwork at a cart in Vivo city. It was made by an old lady, Mdm Wong. She is 83 year old and suffered from ill health. So twice every month end, the social workers ( my guess) would bring her patch work over to sell at Vivo city, and whatever earning would goes to her. Her patchwork include - Floor mat, 2 sizes of coaster and blankets. No repeated design.
I always have a soft spot for grannies. All grannies reminded me of my own that has passed away 11 years ago. So there you go, I bought the large coaster, even though it could only be decorative. =D I would have bought the blanket ($75) if I am not too tie up with cash.....ha ha ......

This cushion patchwork of mine was done during my teenage year. long ago Took me a long time to finish it. =D My granny wasn't very happy with my "creativity". A traditional patchwork should be symmetrical and conformed to a few shapes and sizes only. =D Like all designs and craftwork, a lot of planning and thought have to put into it.
My motto at that time was to go with the "creative" flow aka how I feel. It wasnt very easy as I thought it would be. ... .... But well, what do one expect out of a rebellious 16 years old. haha
~~..... I still think so when I am designing. "Let's the idea flow..... Be free.... at least the initial concept"