Sunday, 16 October 2005

millenia walk

Millenia Walk

The backyard of it anyway

Hardly anyone is there

We have not went there for a long long time

Jolene and I was there for a long time

3 hrs?? We were sitting outside o'brien

me with a cup of irish cream coffee.

Jo, what did u have? I forgot.....anyway, we will

talking abt all sorts of things. ke ke ke so enjoyable....

And our bet. 2 weeks were the duration.

I really didnt expect that bet to end so fast.

Eventhough i won, it still feel bloody bitter . (at least i think so la)

Anyway, so much memories there

at least 6 months of my life was spent there.

waitressing. one big family.

The fountain, the late nite chat under the starry sky, the sea breeze, the corona, the birthday cakes, michael,

his crazy jokes, patricia, aunty irene,12 hr working, Wang,

ah neh, wild chicken, fragant rice,

my pair our Dr martene, my first sunrise tequila and magarita,

boardwalk, the late nite visit from somone, jack in the box, wee yeow, the toilet, long carpark,

Andy.....what else is there?

Oh my godness

my head is hurting again

dun understand

why it refused to go away.


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