Sunday, 14 August 2005


Spent my saturday in Orchard Library. of coz later go shop shop.
Chit chat wi Delcia at Coffee Clud
0000: got home after catching [Bewitched]Nicole is so charming
0200: still up. Compiling and Cuting a music cd for my friend
-check my with friend.go friendster.....
0300: reading magazine
0330: Fall a sleep
1000: Woke up, got his msg
1015: pass him the cd
1050: Has breakfat cum lunch (dou hua)
1300: Complete the [I have a date with the vanpire 3]
Finally can stop crying. Ha ha [IHADWTV] series alway made me cried.The ending so so but the plot is really unususal and captivting. Likely to have a fourth one man. It is like not finish yet. Oh no I still got [Lost]to catch. Taped it over the weekday
1320: It's raining
1330: Updating my blog,reorganising my thoughts and my day
1335: The rain has stopped. Such a short one
1340: Sh*t, still got a lot of unfinish business
- got to rush out the sketches for tomorrow presentation.
- dress to iron
- house work
- room to tidy
Great ! surely die liao

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