Sunday, 31 July 2005

Love at first sight

Very very tired. Having a killer headache now Dun want to talk about anything......... <<< Isnt this doll cute?? Ryan juz gave it to us yesterday. Bought it in Bangkok. I am never a toy person. I only fall in luv with 4 toys in my short 27 yrs of life. A cow, a dog(i forced my friend to buy for me), Ernie and this cute little thing. I have decided that it will be a he. But still no name yet..........maybe vampire...... quite cool..........

Friday, 29 July 2005

talk to me

Hey! I wondered, would you be reading my blog tonight. Hope that you will get over it soon. This morning you doesnt seen to want to me ok. when you want a listening ear.

This was a card that I have treasured for a long long time. Muz be at least more than 10 yrs liao. I often look at it whenever i am really really upset and need to pull myself together..
I am never good at word, hope u understand what i am trying carry thru.

Thursday, 28 July 2005

A day after my mc

Time: 0036
I m still in office.
What kind of life am i leading?
Yesterday, I was taking sick leave.
Practically slept my whole day thru.
I am working my whole night thru. ha ha
It almost liked I spent the whole of yesterday
preparing for today.
ha ha

I skipped my medication too..... so that my mind is not clouded. sh*T, i forgot abt my antibioti..........

Wednesday, 27 July 2005

sick at home

I am really miserable today.
gana food posioning, vomited.
still need to go to work.
then come back home @ 3pm.
I slept my way thru till now 9.
still ........ ..... .... ... .... ...
sis doing instand nooble for me.
coz nothing to eat, but i need to take medication. =P

Tuesday, 26 July 2005

I have a dream


This is what I wanted most right now. To just relax and be alone.

I have a dream.
A dream of walking in a country side
where there are juz field and field of green
No tall building
juz Blue sky
Light Breeze carrying the sense of daisy( or whatever wild flowers) and wild flowers growing at the road side.

Maybe juz carrying a book with me for reading.
A sketchbooks and watercolour for drawing.......
Maybe some sandwiches for my lunch........
wouldnt it be wonderful????????? a perfect holiday

I know i cant possibily live there. It will be too boring for us, city deweller after sometimes.
But just this moment.................
I know, I know.... dreaming already. Time for zzzzzZzzz zzZz

Sunday, 24 July 2005

Blue Eye


The cat we met on our day trip to Ubin.
Beautiful blue eyes

Jazz By The Beach

I just came back from the Jazz by the beach org by Sentosa. Ha ha so gald I did drag myself there. It was a wonderful event. We were really late but manage to get ourselves a nice table to sit around. Ordered HOOCH and Corona . It was really relaxing, Next week will be the end of the whole event. I might go as well since I didnt stay really late today, correction i mean yesterday.

The time now is 2:28am. I am still not sleeping yet. I am addicted to internet. ha ha. But I am not the only one. Ha ha..... I was browsing around blogger, and found some really cool illustrator Blog/ Muz bookmark them all and read them man. =) The wonder of internet. It makes the world so very small.

Saturday, 23 July 2005

幸福号列车 / 古巨基

怎么半路弯了个弯 就迷路了

怎么半路弯了个弯 就迷路了
剩我一个 只能看著身边空位回忆著


Human behavior is really complex
cant figure out what they r thinking

Cant figure what I am thinking either........
One moment upset and depress.....
nxt, happy like a little girl juz becoz.......
ha ha ha

Was really happy yesterday.....
Juz becoz of an unexpected response......

Miss the high.....

Friday, 22 July 2005

Movie Maniac 's Oscar

Used to be a movie maniac
1 -3 movie per week , is pc of cake
Now, 3-4 mth one movie. Juz addicted to movie magazine
i noe..what's the point

Used to buy lot of vcd
Now mainly rent but still buy good movie dvd for collection

2 movies i will never forget
* [Pleasantville]
Beautiful movie.
Black and white for the first half of the movie
Colours started to appear bit by bit as the characters found the existence of emotions
the "Suan Tian Gu la" of life....
what's the meaning of life without all those elements....isnt it
Lovely movie

*[ What dream may comes ]
dun watch it anymore.
coz it alway make me cry**
desparate, sorrow, happy, anger, bitter ,sweet, heart breaking, reunion, separation all roll into one.
n makes me want to believe in the idea of soulmate, twin souls etc etc...
the idea that everyone has a soulmate out there......somewhere.....
that the dreamer and the unrealistic part of me speaking
** Fleeing by Nite also. so maru. . I was sobbing away when the movie ended. Walking out of the threatre looking like a panda..... but that was like 2yrs ago=)

1 movies that i slept thru the whole runtimes
[ The Map of the World ]

Closest Encounter to a Movie Site
[ The Last Emperor ]
Visited The forbidden city. Totally awesome.
Love the movie. fabulous soundtrack.Beautiful Costume.
like the Qing period, dunnoe why.
watch the uncensored version recently, conventionally steamy...... ha ha

1 movies that has the best love scence (no sex but juz talk )
[ Confession of a Dangerous Mind]
between Drew Barrymore & Sam Rockwell

Best sex scence? (not includin porno) :
Cant recall yet.....let me think (ha....blush....)
ar...Kama sutra?? or maybe Dangerous Laison

1 movies that i m still seekin [ Orlando ]
starred my fav actress Tilda Swinton
Looking 4ward to [ The Chronicles of Narnia ]

Actors that i always go gaga abt : Sam rockwell, Ralph Fiennes, Dustin Hoffman

1 OST that is my absolute fav [ The English Patient ]

Suprised That I liked it movie

Wednesday, 20 July 2005


骄傲的不肯说心里想著 i wanna freedom


i wanna freedom

Tuesday, 19 July 2005

2 blessed weeks

Has been enjoying life this 2 weeks

Manageable job flow

No Deadline to complete

But how much longer, my honey mood will last....... .......


Friday, 15 July 2005

Tuesday, 12 July 2005

PS StarBucks

12 07 2005/ Tuesday/Raining day / I was back in PS Starbuck, while waiting for Jolene to knock off from work again. I bought myself a nice cup of hot latte and settled myself down at the seat facing the full lenght window. I started reading I wish to see you now*** until Jo came in after sometime. ( I told her to take her time, since i juz bought my latte. ) Anyway, that row of seats facing the window were really nice for reading or writing. It has the best light source. I have been wanting to sit around that area for quite a long time. ha ha Maybe I was so inspired by You got mail that I wanted to act it out as well. (there is a scene where meg ryan was siting at the window seat, reading a book......She looked really relaxing and enjoying herself.......) I like Starbuck, especially the one in Plaza Singapura. I always feel really cozy. I used to frequent Causeway point StarBuck with PP and Jolene. That was so long ago. Before the cafe was replace by BREADTALK. That SB was right at the cornor facing the plaza square. Full lenght window at 2 side, it was bright but not glaring. Many of my sunday afternoon was spent there, chating with friend and people watching. I missed that time so much..... I think i juz started working.21?22? There was a lot of stress trying to cope with working life. That place was almost like a hid out for me.....=) *** A Japanese novel which was also adapted into the movie called, Be with you. It was abt this woman who made a promise to her hushand at her death bed. That she will come back at the next raining season when their kid is at pri school . Juz want to see if everything is ok. Shereally did kept her promise. She came back but without any memories of her life before. Not meomories of her husdand or her kid.......So the husdand he;p her bring back all the memories that she has lost. Their courtship, how they fall in love etc etc etc....... I almost wanted to watch the movie. I was at the threatre looking at poster, and finally decide against it. I didnt want to know the ending and spoil the moment. I finishing the book soon, i am really curious how the writer is going to end the story.

Monday, 11 July 2005


11 07 2005 / Monday / I just came back from Eason mini concert. He was simply brillant.MAN! ha ha He is one of those singer that really great in live session. I was so lucky to able to get a pair of tickets. So powerful.Still need to wait another 10++ more mths for EASON concert in Singapore. cant wait..... Nxt year, he will be holding concert in HongKong as well . I wont mind flying to Hongkong if i have enough $$ to spare (or mind enough) =)

Sunday, 10 July 2005

Band in the park

10 07 2005 / Sunday / Rainning cats and dogs / I was at Botanic Garden with my sister for a band perfomance. It was raining really heavily when we reached. Heng, the rain actually stop aro 5 plus. The weather was really cooling but too bad the floor was wet. My sister format band played a very beautiful piece, The swam Lake. The mood was juz right. If only we have a mat and picinic basket. ha ha

Friday, 8 July 2005

Juz a thought

A wise man once said: "...the trouble with romance is that when the fantasy is broken, the disappointment can badly hurt a romantic love, we don’t really love our partner. We only love the way they make us feel.... It is the "high" we feel in their presence that we love. Which is why, when they are absent, we miss them...Like any "high", it wears out after a while.... True love? Is rare... "

Just take a moment and observe people around you, you will find that that theroy is quite true.Especially the line
It is the "high" we feel in their presence that we love. Which is why, when they are absent, we miss them...Like any "high", it wears out after a while....

I have also heard my close pal telling me that love is only a chemical reaction at that contact moment. After the honeymood period is over, all the ugly side starts to shown..... ... ... ....

something to ponder.....
I have been getting response from friend regarding this article. Worrying that i was upset over something....ha ha Actually no la but really appreciate ur concern. I am juz stating something that i noticed lor. Found it quite true. That all=) hee hee

Thursday, 7 July 2005

Am i ?


well, quite true for the缺点part. =) 太敏感,情绪多变;主观太强,不听别人的意见, = )
Especailly 太敏感,情绪多变. sigh..... ..... ...

苏三说/ David Tao

[Susan says] is one of my favourite song lately. I can play it over and over again in my player. The Music and lyrics are really beautiful. I am dying to see the mv.
susan 在那命运月台前面
离台北南京是多么远 oh~
那诺言还会不会兑现 yeah 思念~
不在乎爱情里伤痛在所难免一个人却一个世界 oh~
你是否也像我也动摇过几遍爱只是个错觉 oh yeah
那片段像对未来留言 yeah 思念~
不在乎爱情里伤痛在所难免一个人却一个世界 oh~
你是否也像我也动摇过几遍爱会不会实现 oh~
来生变一只狗一只马我当报还 come on

不在乎爱情里伤痛在所难免一个人却一个世界 oh~
我怀疑你像我动摇过几遍是否爱本来嬗变 oh~
苏三说 我的苏三说 苏三说 我的苏三说 苏三说 我的苏三说 苏三说 我的苏三说

ps : I just found out recently that Blogger supports Chinese, meaning i can add entry in chinese. Great !

Sunday, 3 July 2005


The time now is 4pm and i juz woke up two hr ago. ha ha that were be 2 pm?? Now i am in a dazed and quite confusing too. Have not been sleeping for such a long hourS. Yesterday, i actually dosed off on the train and nearly miss my stop.Muz be all the late night that add up to this...........
Yesterday after going to office in the morning, i went over to plaza singapura. Watching initial D with Jo. I was 1 hr too early. So in the end, i bought one of those pocket book and went over to StarBurk to spend my time. For once, i am imagine myself living a yuppie lifestyle. Lazy afternoon + regular coffee + a book. The only thing that is absent is a laptop.
After that I went over for second round with laysee and delcia Watching A lot like love. It is very funny but i dun think it is any better than When Harry meet Sally which is along the same kind of plot.

Yesterday really spent a lot. 2 MOVIE ($19+) Not counting in the food. I really missed the day when the ticket price is $3.5 for normal seat and $4.50 for better seat. Thank goodness, i no longer surviving on watching movie like i use to be......

Anyway before that we went over to Marina Square for my dinner. I ordered a dish, grilled salmon with salsa. It was really good. I think i have found a dish that i really like. I love salsa. It was a taste i acquired long ago while waitressing in a mexicano restaurant called, The Wild Chicken. (Brad Pitt worked in the US the wild chicken as well before he is famous.)I missed those day..The restaurant is very cozy. Their seat is actually sofa with little red pillow for back. I suspect it is because the sofa is too deep.

Muz give a thumb up to their drink. quite interesting choices. I picked a ice peach soda drink. I always like soda drink. If my memory is correct, PP introduce me to this drink many year ago. It is plain soda (cardonated soda water)with whatever syrup one can think of Or juz add in some fruit. Maybe some mint syprup will be interesting too. I like how the drink is serve. A glass of icy water like soda with the syrup at the bottom of the glass. They alway provided the stirer for u to mix the drink up. I enjoy that proccess. ha ha anyway delcia announed that she is rom with Andy soon. Very happy for her. Finally settling down.

Friday, 1 July 2005


A few months back I was exchanging some email with one of my online friend. We were talking about comics. I was reminded of the time when I was also crazy about comics. Any type. I have no preference. In my secondary school year, I used to buy those comics magazines imported from Taiwan. They featured comics by different artist weekly. From girlish type, to action, periodic, demon, etc etc etc. I have never managed to complete the series coz the magazine stock was never regular.

Recently, I met up with an old classmate of mine; He loves manga. He is properly a walking dictionary as well. Ha ha. Still the same. He mentioned about us chatting over comics during our secondary and my doodle on comic’s character. Such a long time ago. It makes me wonder if I still can draw it. I decided to try it out. Actually , ha ha i still got it leh..... =) hM......BUT I think it detray my age............