Saturday, 1 October 2005

Forrest Gump

I finally bought Forrest Gump DVD
after so many years has gone by.
I realised that whenever I m upset
i would alway go back to the famous line of Gump
"Life is like a box of chocolate,
coz u never noe what u will get."

How true......
after 27 yrs of existence on Planet Earth
I came to realised that
Things changes
friend changes
situation changes
relationship changes
Changes is constant factor of life
sadness dun last
trouble dun last
worry dun last
even happiness is juz a passing moment
All an illusion of life
Take it lightly with a pitch of salt
and move on
And hope for the best

Life has never been really smooth sealing for me
(of coz, i cant complain. there are worse out there.)
when i relate certain part of the story to my friend now,
it felt like sombody else story.
The more I said it,
the more dilute it becomes,
less important.
Those memories have been replace by
something more important
What u think is important now,
might not seen as important years later
even hours later as a matter of fact
That's life.

Ever heard of James Blunt "You are beauitful" ?
the opening line is "My life is brillant"
My life feel like that right now.
like the first ray of sunlight
peeping thru the cloub
If u been thru real trouble time
U will understand how I feel ke
How long does it last?
i dunnoe.
But I tresured this moment of my life
I felt truely contented.

Someone commented that
I viewed everything too seriously.
with too much emotion
That hurts
Maybe that true ........
but that me...............

I have being thru a stage
where I am totally indiferent to things around me
withdraw into my own shell and
refused to come out
I still prefer the " me" now.
Maybe I shld try to be milder
but i will still be the same old Yen Wei

I m sentimental
but i hardly shows it
Why borther
when people aro hardly seen to care....
(jo, that is wat u complain abt me rite? I hide it better then u ma )

I m not good at rememdering things
but I rememder all the little gesture that
ppl has done for me time to time.
sweet and it touches my heart :
#That MP3 CD my friend burn for me,
with e one songs (the rainbow connection)
that I really liked
He put it in without me asking him to.
I didnt noe he rememdered ,
but of coz....
maybe he thought i would like it too
which he has rightly guessed
#My friend shoulder that I cried on
when I was devastated.
(try crying all the way from Yishun to Cityhall on a trian
oh well....bloody embarrassing)
# the one person that rememdered
the silliest comment i have made
and repeat it month later-matter of factly
# I have heard a lot of birthday songs in my life,
but that particlar 250620052355
was really sweet.
Shld be really nice
to have a friend like him.
# he who always make me laugh
when I was too tense up- really silly joke.
I alway gave him my famous deadpan look.

to be cont

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