Sunday, 25 September 2005

Dream Vacation EP1

Went over to Rasa Sentosa for a very short getaway with Jolene on her birthday. It has been raining for the last few days but it was bright and sunny on the day itself. Ha ha Heng !
3:25+ That was a view from the balcony of our room which was at the 8 storey, at the right wing of the building. According to Jo who is a" regular" that that was quite a good location. Of coz, the best one is at the extreme right. The higher the better.

See that beautiful scene spreads behind us although it was in blue tint.

4: 30+ The pool by the beach.
We took a dip in this icy blue water right after we checked in. Hm.....of coz Jo swam and I juz "soak" in the water. ha ha It is so bloody deep that I dare not attempt to practice my floating. Of coz, It might be deal to my absent from local swimming pool for a long time.
( The Pool start at 1.3 where our neighbour pool start at 1.2.....)

Anyway, has had a wonderful times there. Chatting with one Australian Family from Perth. A family of 4. 2 kids about 3 - 5 yrs old. Their boy Hugo really liked Jolene. Following her everywhere she goes. correction " she swam. Even though he hardly swim, he would hung on to the pool edge and with the aide of his 2 float "swam" toward Jolene. Anyway, while Jolene was playing with Hugo. I was chatting with the dad he hee hee of coz with the wife aro la.
They are here for a one week holiday. Going off on Tuesday, I think. Hugo is having his 4 yr old birthday on Tuesday. Ar......Is it huh Jo? Dun quite remember. Anyway, I was giving them tips on where to go. Some of those off- beaten track.
Ps: that pix was taken in the morning.

9:30 + After meeting up with Liling by the lobby and a nice dinner at Sake Sushi. Quite far from the our location if we walk. We need to took a beach line bus which circle aro the island. Hm......this was the 2nd time I stay over nite on the island. The last time was at Tanjong beach, camped out to watch "FALLEN STARS". By the time we were back at the hotel, it was already quite dark. Delcia was there with Jo birthday cake.
Anyway , Rasa looked really beautiful at nite .

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