Saturday, 6 August 2005

my obession

I have been watching this Hk drama since friday. Totally obssessed. No need to sleep, no need to read....... Juz wanted to know what happen to the characters. Now I have only finished the 9th disc. Thanks to Ryan for lenting me. I noe it a bit late since the series has been out in the market for donkey year. Dunnoe why I juz dun feel like buying. But now, I really do. Feel like buying the complete series, 1-3.........Actually, I was a fan ever since the first seasons. That was like .......(counting) final year in poly?? Is it that long? The second was aired in spore in 2001 RITE??? That was like so long ago. I rememdered watching the 2nd season every sunday nite without fail. My fav character was Boss,the Vampire King(I have a taste for bad but chi qing character. ke ke). In the third epd he is 完 顏 不 破. So charismatic........ ..=) He is called 陳 啟 泰 . Oh....sorry sorry. I got carry away talking abt guy.(better stop. or else i can juz carry on hua chi'ing abt him) ha ha

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bubi said...

hello Bingbing, thanks for linking me, i just find ur blog thru my referer list, nice blog u have, are u a designer?