Tuesday, 9 August 2005

So Full....bURP.....

Company 16th year old Birthday Juz came back from a really meaty dinner at "Brazil Churrascaria". A Brazilian restaurant at Sixth Avnue, serving you with 12 types of grilled meat ( + a salad bar ). They have grilled chicken, grilled muton, grilled beef, grilled fish, grilled.................etc etc muz have consumed all my meat intake for this whole week. ............ It is really a interesting dinning experience for me. Most of the waiters are from Brazil. Really friendly and warm. They would talk to us, sometime mixing in a bit of their own language and even huming too. ha ha It is almost liked they enjoyed serving..... Anyway, the waiter presented the nicly grilled meat on the skew to your table. They would then slice the meat right infront of you with a long knife (25cm+). The distance btween me and the knife was only abt 20 cm apart. hm........... I cant help but think what if......if....ha ha Oh and the highlight of the night was, a Brazil birthday song sung by all the waiters. It was really fantastic. Juz imagine everyone was singing and clipping. I though this kind of scene only happened in movie. ha ha really nice gesture. Oh it is already 0127am /09082005/ HAPPY NATIONAL DAY!!!!

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