Saturday, 26 July 2008


Bought a fresh stalk of Lily buds a week back. Have the joy of watching it blossoming slowly. Here were their very slow process into "flower"hood. Took about 7 days for the lilies to be in their full bloom state. They were very beautiful but I dun really like the scent it gave off. Too bad.

Thursday, 24 July 2008




这是云南的中甸。对不起,时不时的 都会想念起中甸。刚看了[冒險王],制作队到了Norway的北角看午夜的太阳。那种高原的气息,直接让我想到了中甸。想回去,可是有人说应该把最美的留在记忆里。哈哈~~~
Anyway, on Monday I attended a radio production. It was for a Malay advertisement. Was really impressed with the professionalism of the talents. It was very fast, from the recording of voices and mixing of sound. Their voices can really act. =) From the intro , I wont be surprised if they are actually household name in the Malay community.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008



Friday, 18 July 2008

Food and more food

Here's a little behind the scene. All the good foods prepared for the photography. =D
Was on a roller coaster ride this whole week.
SUPER %@#*+.
SUPER [^_^] [-''-] [-_-] [>.<] [@] {~~}[oo] [*O*][ _ ]
.........but no doubt, still an interesting week.
One never cease to learn ( and hopefully progress), no matter how old you are, right?
Am listening to : Hwang Jin Yi OST , to soothe my tired soul

最近。。。对某人是彻底绝望的。虽然心里早有定数可是还是不愿意说那句"i told u so"原来呀,某人真的是我想的那种人。原来呀,什么都是会变的。这包括了对人的看法。原来呀,什么事都可以很两极的。原来呀,我们大家已是你的过客。原来呀。。。。哈~~~也没什么好原来的了,因为早知道的嘛。。。

Sunday, 13 July 2008

sharpening my 8b pencil

Am working on a new project with a lot of animals in it. One proposed style is to make them really whimsical or childlike drawing. This was a drawing development, where I sort of just feel around for the right one.

That a White collared Kingfisher in my reference. This species of Kingfisher can be found in South East Asia and on our shore too. Just the other day, I saw one in East Coast. =) Love their electric blue colour.

Was jogging in East Coast recently. It was evening and the sky was really cloudy, but still looking beautiful. Was under quite a lot of self-created stress lately (Job related) . I found jogging really help to release that tension in me. I was really tired and was "dragged and pull " to East Coast on Thursday. But I felt really good after that. =)

Friday, 11 July 2008

High Tea @ Goodwood

今天心情不错,请大家眼睛 吃下午茶。


ps: must credit mentioned, some of the pix are taken by Ciie.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Just came back from a full day shoot of a young local celebrity and a famous celebrity Chef from Malaysia. =) I would have posted some behind-the-scene photo, but i wasn't sure if it is really alright to do so. =) This was new to me, for up to this point I have only art directed still live shot ( products mood shot).

Both are really pleasant to work with. However Mr Chef has given me an lasting impression. Not only is he extremely chatting, he is also very charismatic. Not an air in him to suggest that he is really very famous. Oh and he do posting like second nature. haha ..........No wonder he is a celebrity chef. =)

Sunday, 6 July 2008


On Saturday, my friends and I went for a long walk that were organized by X-Trekker. The walk started at 9+ am from HarbourFront MRT all the way to Clementi MRT, covering the newly opened Southern Ridges trail that connects Mt Faber, Telok Blangah Park, Hort Park and Kent Ridge Park. The walk then continued to cover West Coast Park and Clementi Woods as well.
I was chatting with the leader about where to find Durian trees. It was a interesting chat. =) According to him, it is durian season now. No wonder, my dad has been bringing back Durians lately. heehee If I m not mistaken, my living area used to have quite a few fruit plantations and durain trees are found in the parks /forested area. The local durian is smaller in size but super tasty. In my opinion better than those sold in stall. =p


... then its started raining afer Kent Rigde park.

We didnt finish the full trek. After lunch at NUS, we gave up and waved the white flag. It was already 1+ and we have walked for 4 hrs. VERY VERY TIRED. =O
It was a good walk. But till now, my legs are still aching. See how unfit I am. =P

记忆中 的游乐园。。。。
After the walk, we continued our journey from west to East side of the island. My friend held a Chalet for her youngest child 1st birthday.
There is a playground right outside the chalet. Bought back so much memories. We grew up playing these. The material is so cool to lay on especially on a hot hot day. The designs were so much creative than the new one nowadays.

Birthday door gift ....

and Kidz food.....

..... at the end of the day, we were dead tired. But like all night out, no one can have a good sleep. haha.....we were even trying to spook each other with those unexplained sound in the night.......

Thursday, 3 July 2008

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind."
William James