Saturday, 17 September 2005

snow wolf lake night

juz got back .
Caught Snow Wolf Lake finally. Not bad.
I liked the stage production. Hm..... .....
Actors are really great. Very touched (but no, i didnt cry. hee hee)

Finally understand why people like the songs in this musical so much.
It quite different listened to the song performing live.
The story line, the actor expression, somehow juz add up the missing pieces .

o ya, Zhizhong was there too. Seating at the front few row.
The ticket for this musical is bloody X. Mine is $135 (wi discount).
His' $220+ and he is paying for double. ha ha gdness me.......

Anyway, that also reminded me that i should save up and catch The Phamton of the Opera in London? US?Australlia? Has been listen to the OST for so long. eversince since sec 1. really wonder how does the musical look like...............

Its raining cats and dogs..... to sleep
perhaps cant go to tree top walk again.

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pauline han said...

hey hey, yanwei! i caught the snow wolf lake too.. i was lucky to be able to catch it... it was the final show.. and the last show he is going to have for this musical... it was great.. really great.. and it was a memorable night for me... i cried..

maybe we can catch some other great musicals together soon. :)