Thursday, 30 June 2005

sleep walker

It is now 00:18. I m now at Ang Mo Kio ‘s Mrt station, waiting for the last train to arrived at 00:26. I have never taken a last train from Ang Mo kio before. A few empty train has came into the middle lane and moved out again. It is likely they are heading for Bishan terminal……. So tire right now. Yawn : 0 …… train still not here yet…..My Mp3 is playing Karen Mok ‘s Close to you. It is such a beautiful song to listen to at this hour. …… train comes liao… …. These few days, I have been sleeping really late. 2 AM at least....[OT + come home late + internet = late night + sleepy + dark eye circle] I just bought a new pc. Has been staying really late, just to transfer files. Of coz, with a faster computer also equal to faster Internet speed. Leading to msn, chatting until forgot what time it is….. Now walking back home……..think I will end here. Nite

Sunday, 26 June 2005

My Birthday Night

Yesterday, I was at THE BAR with Jolene, Laysee and Charlotte. It has been quite sometime since my last visit to a pub. Anyway, THE BAR is a jazz bar in a Regent Hotel. She was accompanied by a panist and a double bass player. The singing was really great, althought Jo perfered the pervious singer who was much friendlier. I partically like the pianist and double bass player. They were really great.Played one of my favourite song, Over The Rainbow. I really like Blue and Jazz or maybe I m more in love with that Era coz i like Big band as well. One of my fav soundtrack is The English Patient which is totally cool compilation of Jazz, blue and music. Songs like Cheek to cheek, wang wang blues etc etc. Let see, i bought that album 8 years ago, till now it is still one of my favourite.

The Bar's atmosphere was really good. I ordered my fav Tequila Sunrise but it was quite different from the one i used to have. Their Tequila sunrise was much more fruity and the appearance is very different too. It has been so long since my last TS that I have completely forgoten how it taste like...Jolene and I stayed till quite late yesterday. Around 1+. The singer has sang her last song and most of the people has went off. There were few people left in the bar and the waitresses were clearing the glass. The place was really quiet. Only some jazz music was playing softly in the background. Such a wonderful time to chat. so hard to drag ourselves from the sofa and make our way home ha ha.

PS: Thursday, July 7, 2005/ Two weeks have passed since my birthday. Just has an urge to add on something more. The highlight of that night was actually a birthday song from a friend. He is an online friend that I hardly knew but shared a lot of common interest with. To my young friend, I am quite sure u dun visit and read my Blog. Just in case you do, thanks for the birthday song again. It is such a nice gesture to someone you hardly knew. You have made my birthday week a very memorable one. It is regrettable we didn’t managed to meet up. Maybe we are not fated to meet after all. =) Nice knowing you , even though its just a short period.
29072005/meet no regret. =) Cute guy. hee hee

Wednesday, 22 June 2005

Breakfast @ Botanic

19062005 / Sunday morning 8am, I have had a wonderful garden breakfast with my buddies [7 gals + 1 baby + 1 guy =P]. It was supposed to be my "very early" birthday celebration. For my Birthday this year, I wanted something different. Maybe going to Ubin for seafood dinner? or juz picnic in the park. If I have chosen Ubin, I think I would need to drag some of them there liao.=)Anyway, I am glad I have picked BG, coz it turn out to be really cozy place. Really enjoy myself and hope my friends did too. Too bad HAPPY cant make it, or she will be one happy dog that day. =) Thank you GuY for waking up so early in morning just to eat breakfast with me. Of coz, not forgetting the present.( ..... I have spent them all on the day itself. hee hee hee I was browsing in Kino and couldnt resist the temptation. ha ha...

Anyway, this is the restaurant, "Halia Restaurant". ( Halia in Malay is ginger) Located in Botanic Garden, ginger garden. It is quite close to the main entrance and the typersall gate, with lot of activity going on. But must give a thumb up to the Landscape designer( or whoever plan it). As the restaurant surrounding are decorated with tall plants, so one is not disturb by the activity outside. The food is not bad. Intercontinental. But at $18+++ is a bit too x and not much spread. Heard from my friends that the Laksa is really good. Very spicy. I didnt take any, as my stomach cant tahan spicy thing in the morning. What else, got egg omelet, siew main, bacon porridge etc etc. Overall not bad. Dun mind going back again. =)

Our mysterious  Siew Mian Critic
Our mysterious Siew Mian Critic,
originally uploaded by Bing's.
I did mentioned siew mian rite. Well, this is one of my "secret" food critic. i m supposed to "MA SAI KE" her face before uploading her pix. So how do u like it libing? Bet u really like the siew mian judging by your expression. =) Come to think of it, i didnt eat much leh. The Whole time i was there taking pix, chatting away.

Tuesday, 21 June 2005

Our Memories

My cousin, jacqueline wrote an afterthought in her blog regarding my 25 May entry about our granny. Her words were really touching and it moved me. Those are memory that we shared together. Things that we hold on to dearly. As long as we rememder, she will never leave us. Some nite i still dreamt of her. Often I would find my pillow wet from crying. Coz when she left in my dream, it was almost like she died all over again......sigh I have never tell this to anyone but now i feel like sharing......anyway... Here is an extract fro her blog:
I miss my gran too...I can recall gran askin us the chinese words too!!! And most of the time Jack n I will be sayin " bo3 dai2"-- duno... our chinese were horrible.. only my cousin's chinese is good.
I remember us at my cousin's house... singing Karaoke... singin Teresa Teng's famous songs... gran listening to us... sayin how nice yenwei sound... Gran realli nice.. Gran used to sing to us too... hainanese songs... which i can grasp nothing out of... She will sing n clap her hands on her lap... nodding her head at the same time... all with a nice rhythm... so lovely rite?

Gran loves her milo.. Gran loves her colour cards... the "4 se4 pai".. is tt correct?
Gran is always dressed in nice collared up 2 pcs. Long sleeve top n long pants. Its nice ok... Very nice... Very well dressed... the collars are like those u find on cheong sums... Seems very uncomfortable types... but gran wears em with ease... The prints are nice.. got flowers one... My gran stands tall... She's very tall... Her legs are long... And she is amazing!! I think i once saw gran sit on the railings before!!! At the bus terminal!! We were waitin for the bus home after her game of cards... She is superb... other grans sit on the low railings... she sit high on the top railings... get wat i mean? hah... nvm... i know can le...

She wears specs... and her cookin is the best! I love her steam fish. the one with the black soy bean or something... even my mum cant cook as nice as hers... I miss it....

Haiz.. Ah po is my pillow n i m her pillow... Some nights we share her bed... Me hugging her...

Nong bei ah po...

PS : I do rememder some of the Hainanese rhythm that she told us actually. ha ha one which is about building a house. I asked granny to teach me and explained to me line by line. (knowing that she wont be long wi us and i wanted something that i can hold on to) I juz recited it to my mum not long ago. ha ha she looked impressed. ha ha

A story of cofee and salt

[ Once, there were this guy that fall in luv with a girl he known. All the while he was pondering how to make the first move. And finally one day, He gathered up all his courage and asked the girl out for a cup of coffee. The idea of His dream girl sitting right oppsite him made him really nervous. He was so nervous that he hardly noticed what he was puting into his cup of coffee. The girl was really pluzzed.

" why did u put salt into your coffee " the girl asked.

Only then did he realised he has been puting in salt all along. Didnt want to lose face infront of her, he quickly decided what's the next best thing to do.

" Back in my home town, we add salt instead of sugar into our coffee. Salted coffee alway reminded me so much of my homeland." He lied

The girl was really touched and impressed. Such a semtimental men..........

So the story go that they have had a wonderful courtship and married life. Everytime, when they were having coffee together, the girl would add salt to his coffee juz the way he "like" it. The guy would keep quiet and drink up the salted coffee. Pretending that that was the best coffee ever.

Until the day when he was on his death bed, then did he review the truth. He told his wife he has drank salted coffee all his life but in actual fact salted coffee taste really aweful..... He only drank it becoz he luv his wife and didnt bear to upset her... .. ... ]

That was how much i heard. It was an extract from a call-in listener. Yuling mixed it and use it for her jingle. I dun think i have carry the emotion thru. It is something that one has to listen themseleve and feel it. Different people might have a different interpretation to it. The guy even seened quite silly. it almost unreal. I guess that love right? They make u do stupid things. =)

Friday, 17 June 2005

Twenty something

After years of expensive education
A car full of books and anticipation
I’m an expert on Shakespeare and that’s a hell of a lot
But the world don’t need scholars as much as I thought
Maybe I’ll go travelling for a year
Finding myself, or start a career
Could work the poor, though I’m hungry for fame
We all seem so different but we’re just the same
Maybe I’ll go to the gym, so I don’t get fat
Aren’t things more easy, with a tight six pack
Who knows the answers, who do you trust
I can’t even seperate love from lust
Maybe I’ll move back home and pay off my loans
Working nine to five, answering phones
But don’t make me live for Friday nights
Drinking eight pints and getting in fights
Maybe I’ll just fall in love
That could solve it all
Philosophers say that that’s enough
There surely must be more
Love ain’t the answer, nor is work
The truth elludes me so much it hurts
But I’m still having fun and I guess that’s the key
I’m a twentysomething and I’ll keep being me

Thursday, 16 June 2005

Monster Heel

High Heel…. Who invented this horrible monster? No doubt, it provides us (short people ) with few inches more and therefore a lot more confidence. But try walking in them……….. . Yesterday, I wore my heel (barely1inches) to work, which I shouldn’t have as I have research to be done at latest part of the day. So serve me right la, I was walking all over town for nearly 5 hrs. By the end of the day, I was cursing away and fighting the temptation of taking a cab home. Really kowtow to those women who wear 3 inches heel and work aro town shopping.

Tuesday, 14 June 2005

First Post

I have decided to close my xanga account and move all my friendster's blogs here. I was using friendster blog previously. But when they start to send blog alert post to my contact list, i decided to change location. I still prefer to keep my journal to my closed friends only not the whole group of ppls. Have been looking at my cousin blog, look really interesting.
Anyway, i have moved my Xanga mail here as well. A patheic one entry ha ha , which i opened in a Peking hotel. My very first.
Friday, March 25, 2005
Xanga : This is my first post. Never imagine i will start one using a computer at peking. Has been wanting to start one ever seen last month. I am a morning person. Every morning when i wok up, i would have string of thoughs that i want to note down. but i was either in a rush or i dun have a note pad with me.So the best bet if for me to write everything on my blog when i am at work.

Friday, 10 June 2005

L O V E - a journey

I was browsing through some of the articles' cut-out i collected thru the years and came upon an A4 computer print out . I noe it was from someone that i used to treasure and have an infatuation on.  At that point of time, that article really meant something to me. I am not someone who usually like to  read article like that.(   ha ha a bit mushy for my taste ) but it really make sense anyway  here is an extract of the article.

L O V E - A Journey
[Why hold someone back..when u know u dont love them them...
Why keep them to yourself...when u know you wont wanna have them?
Why let them miss other chances...when they can have them?........]
Loving someone can give us the greatest joy we can ever know and it can hurt more than we can believe too.......] [LOVING SOMEONE takes efforts. W have to be able to communicate with each other. Nobody can read anyone else's mind. We always presume that our partner knows what we think and feel.....] [No one is perfect. It is true love which closes the gap of imperfectness to form a smooth surface of acceptance for each other; and accepts a person for who he/she is. ] ( ps: i like to believe that it apply to all sort of relationship. Love for the parent, Love for ur friend...) 
[Everyday everywhere, people fall in love...but just how many of these relationships are self-sacrificing love, and not just relationship which formed only for the intense feeling of falling in love?... ... ... ...] [Is it love? or juz plain infatuation?..........]

Thursday, 2 June 2005

My humble comment on our local drama plot

Yesterday, i was home early. Since nothing better to do, i decided to channel surf. Channel 8 was showing the drama abt this policeman who passed on but came back to life etc etc. So that scene i saw was he came back to life in his funeral and inside his confin. Everyone was really shocked but so thrilled that he has come back. After a series of test, the doctor decided he is alright to go home..........

Now there is a problem with this plot. If a dead body is already placed in a confin with visitor aro. Does it not also mean that the body has already been drained off all the blood and organ. With a doseage of preservative put into it. If i am there i will be the first one to run off man. ha ha. It really beat me, how a doc can certified that he is ok to go home??

For goodness sake, at least make him wake up in a bed (juz pass away) or the cold room that put the dead (what that name? ). It will make more sense. Some plot juz need to change with times....