Thursday, 30 March 2006

Night Walker

Very often......
when I am out too late , I dont really wish to go home. I like to stroll on the empty street in the city. Feel the slient in the air and how relax it could be.

Like to juz sit around this little corner beside the merlion. Looking at people, chatting with friends, or simply listen to the sea waves. Shot taken at abt 1 am. still quite a few people hanging around.

Gang of 6 - 1

Aim we cute? This was done few year back for shawn farewell party. I did another separate drawing of him and printed it onto a nice cushion. I wonder how is it now.

Mr shawn who went to London. Saw him last year at Toa payoh. I was getting into the train and he was getting out. Come to think of it, I met quite a few friends this way in that TPY mrt station. ha ha

Caricature - Ciie

Final illustration for Ciie.
The digital file has been sitting in my mac for too long.
hee hee...sorry Ciie.

Monday, 27 March 2006

Saturday Night Movie

Saw it on saturday at causeway point.
Love this movie
Really Light hearted

colour dreaming

It is all a dream.
A colourful one
and a beautiful one.

Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Manhattan Skyline

We Sit And Watch Umbrellas Fly
I'm Trying To Keep My Newspaper Dry
I Hear Myself Say
My Boat's Leaving Now
So We Shake Hands And Cry
Now I Must Wave Goodbye
Wave Goodbye, Wave Goodbye
Wave Goodbye, Wave Goodbye

You Know I Don't Want To Cry Again
I'll Never See Your Face Again
I Don't Want To Cry Again

We Leave To Their Goodbyes
I've Come To Depend On The Look In Their Eyes
My Blood's Sweet For Pain
The Wind And The Rain Brings Back Words Of A Song
And They Sing Wave Goodbye
Wave Goodbye, Wave Goodbye
Wave Goodbye, Wave Goodbye

You Know I Don't Want To Cry Again
I'll Never See Your Face Again
I Don't Want To Cry Again

So I Read To Myself
A Chance Of A Lifetime To See New Horizons
On The Front Page A Black And White Picture Of
Manhattan Skyline

Friday, 17 March 2006

Kings of Convenience - Quiet is the New Loud

16 March 2006 1100pm+++
Juz got back from
Kings of Convenience concert
Still quite high man.....ha ha ha

Two singers..
Two Guitars and A piano....
A band?
Who would have thought ?
They could be this entertaining.

They really bought the house down tonight

Towards the end of the concert
almost all the audiences in the stall level
has stood up and swing with the music....

Some went on the stage
at Erlend "invitation"
( he is not suppose to)
Dancing with him
Really caught the security by surprise...ha ha

I was at the 3rd circle.
It wasn't bad at all.
Almost everyone was cheering
and clapping away.

Like my sis put it
" It almost feel like we are in a rock concert"
Ha ha ya man.....
It was a little like WalaWala minus the smoke.

Wish I was at first floor.
It would be so much fun man.

Erlend is really really hyderactive
Always interacting with the crowd.
Dancing and making funny gesture
He is the nerd looking one but he actually
performed at ZOuk the other nite.

Erik is quieter but he is juz as great.
Playing guitar in pitch black when
all the light in the hall was switch off =)
One of the hightlight of the nite

I have been to a few concerts.
Only David Tao and King of Convenience
gave me a lasting Impression.
By the end of both their concert.
half the house was standing.
Enjoying themselves and cheering away.
That's what a concert should be like. =)

The concert is too short!
I want more!!!!

Sunday, 12 March 2006

A quote

A true friend
is someone who sees you at your worst but never forgets your best.
is someone who thinks you’re a little bit more wonderful than you really are.
is someone you can talk with for hours or be with in complete silence.
is as happy for your success as you are.
trust you enough to say what he really means when talking to you.
doesn’t try to know more, act smarter, or be your constant teacher.

Gald that i have a few friends that fit the description =)