Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Ell Pollo Loco

Ha ha my friend response to my Sunday blog. Bring back so much more memories. One more memory to complete the puzzle.Are u reading this? i wondered? =)
Jolene : By the way, miss bing, i had a hot mocha latte!Yup Millenia Walk did give me alot of wonderful memories. My first job was being a waitress in a mexico, spanish fastfood chain, Ell Pollo Loco, Wild Chicken(Bing: Brad Pitt use to work in Wild chicken in California. I wonder if this restaurant is still around) in english. hm... sound weird name isn't it? Been there for abt 7 months. The envoirnment there was much nicer than it is now. After the renovation and new location of the shops, seems that Millenia Walk lose it's sophiscated touch.The beautiful fountain there just behind our restuarant.. in the nite time combine with the quietness of the surrounding and the breeze that comes along. (Bing: ya, with a bottle of sparkling apple juice from the cooler.) So nice and comfortable is the only feeling that i can describe.The late nite chat after closing under the starry sky, margaritas, michael, his fightful day!Patricia, the only female manager, aunty irene, 12 hrs of working, covered 4 stations on Valentine day( Bing: I rememdered that. The scariest valentine time i ever have.), Wang, the mighty ah neh to Geylang, how to get a nice chop of the chicken without seeing the bones! Chantel and Thomas the couple(Bing: how can i forget them. The in designer brand back then). Wee yeow(ooh...) and the kiss and the love letter to miss bing!(Bing: when was this? howcome i dun rememder? who huh?) :)Yup and also to a poor security guard whom had helped me during one nite's closing. He helped me to push the big rubbish bin all the way to the other side to throw the rubbish for me. (Bing: U so good. hOWCOME no one help me before.........not fine.....who is that security guy? u think he is still aro?) Coz he was on duty and i saw him being scolded by his supervisor! Ooh... so sorie abt that and i dun hv any chance to tell him.. well i dun get to see him 2nd time anymore, hope he did not get into any trouble becoz of me. :)................... hehe ... sighz poor me eating up my books now.. @.@ Enjoy hor.. and also like i say.. the bet is never over yet!

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