Saturday, 1 October 2005

friends i met along the way

Type of friends I ve met so far in my life.....
# Some friends
I disliked them frm the very 1st meet up
But some how along the way
We got to know each other better n become the best of friend
# Some friends,
They r always there,
Great companion but missing chemistry
I expect them to come and go....
But they r with me the longest
Thru thick n thin
# Some friends,
I thought will b buddies for life
But along the way
we juz drift apart...
even lossing contact wif each other
# gd n wise friends,
comes in all ages/education/religious/sexes/family bkgrd......
Its their mindset n maturity that matter
# Some friends,
I m curious to know
dun mind making e first move
some work out, some doesnt but no regret. at least i tried
# Some friends,

How does one explain the different chemical reaction with people?

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