Sunday, 2 October 2005

wala wala

Finally found a pub that play BANDSOUND
Wala Wala
The expected- The band name
Lead Vocal is a rock chick....
cool gal with an attiude
powerful vocal
great guitarist and drummer
shld hear how they play the guitar
how They rock the house MAN
Guitars,DrumsKeyboard,crowds and
all the great songs all the way
from Deep purple era to green days
absolutely went crazy
when they play nirvana 's come as you are
and one other that i thot is metallical....
shld see how the crowd cheer
HeadbangING to the beat and doing e air guitar .
Rock my blues always

While we were enjoying to the music,
we heard one guy talking very loudly behind us.
Dun remember what he was yelping abt ,
all we heard was F**K here and F**K that.
Everything is end with a F**K F**K F**K F**K

I am usually quite tolerant to a little vulgar language.
I think it is a way of expression and release stream.
But that guy was carrying it to a whole new level.
I was amused, muz see who this "gentle"man was.....
We turned to look
and saw this 40sh Chinese man talking
to a Caucasian man in his " all so slang" American English.
of coz......Garnished with his fave curse word
The best part.......
his American turned out to be a English man from England.
What a laugh? .......

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