Sunday, 28 September 2008

Bitten by F1 Bug

I was one of those people that were too stringy to buy a ticket but still wanted to experience the whole atmosphere and just be part of the event. So I went over to Suntec just to get the kick out of it. Ha ha The sound of those racing cars were deafeningly exciting and it was really interesting how the lights lighten up the whole place.
I have to confess I am not a true blue F1 fan, but when I saw the TV on friday, I have gotten all so excited. The angle shots taken from the drivers' view reminded me very much of the Daytona (Daytona USA is a racing arcade game by Sega). A arcade game I used to play in the school day and it could be addictive. hahaha Oh......and the final race tonight was simply brilliant. A mixture of speed, excitement and unpredictable incidents that turns the whole game around. I thought it was going to rain...wouldnt it be more exciting ? =p

PS: Quite like those banners that blocked the view. It was a series shot of the race car in different angle.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

洗刷刷 洗刷刷

This little fellow appeared in 3 of the interpretive panels I am working on. He is demonstrating the important of saving water.

[ Turn off the tap while you shampoo and soap. ]

I was having fun creating him, it is a style that I don't usually use. Fat and round and chalky textured. I uses HB/ 7B pencil for these series of drawing. Absolutely love the texture . After so many years of drawing, I have finally move on to use Hard lead pencil which is not easy to be erase off. but it also mean that it doesn't dirty your hand as much as 2B Soft lead pencil. =D

Sunday, 14 September 2008

07台湾之旅 [3]- 烟花篇


我们从没这么近距离的看燃放鞭炮和放烟花。为了看一次完整的仪式,我和朋友跟了好几条街,差点迷了路。哈~ ~~没记错的话,单单我们看的那段,就放了15分钟的烟花。直到我们回到饭店[10点多],还能听到远处的放炮声。

小时候常听外婆说有关燃放鞭炮的故事。那是在我还没出生并且还能燃放鞭炮的年代。那时我们住在观音庙的后面。除夕晚好像大家都会燃放鞭炮。到了初一的早上,我们旧店屋外就会是一地的红纸碎。那样的新年一定很有气氛吧。没想到我竟然在嘉义的街上体验到。 虽然那不是新年,可是那还是一次难忘的体验。=)

Sunday, 7 September 2008

07台湾之旅 [2]-石头篇


Tuesday, 2 September 2008


上个 星期六到了Demspey Hill 的Magarita's,吃了一顿丰盛的墨西哥大餐.以下是当天吃的美食。其本上,Fagita (fa-hee-ta) 好像我们的薄饼一样,先把酱料涂抹在tortilla 饼皮上,然后放进chicken fagita ,在把放了馅的tortilla饼皮对折就可以吃了。 =)
Demspey Hill


这是Tortilla chip. 把tortilla饼皮切成三角形,再拿去deep fry就可以了。可以沾cheese ( which is Nacho) 或 salsa 都可。