Saturday, 27 August 2005

what's a difference a sunny day makes.

A type of Forest fungi

2 more days before my deadline.
Will panic soon
client hasnt approved yet. =p

I overslept today
left home for office at 10+
Such a nice weather.
Blue sky
Sunny and windy
Juz the way I like it.

It felt so good to breath in the morning air and
feel the morning sun. =)
Morning air alway feel so refresh and comforting.
(Laundry that are dry under the sun also has that kind of smell too.)

I hardly go outdoor ever since 1 weeks back , my last week routine :
0700 Left home for work (or earilier)
0830 Reach office
1200 lunch ( takeaway)
0100 start work
1100+ Go home (or later, Take cab)
All i breathed in was air conditioned purified air
Articial Flurosent lighting.
What a drag.

I am dreaming of the days after my deadline and installation already. =)
List of things to do :
1. Sleep and sleep and sleep
2. go cycling at East Coast
3. Watch The Maid
4. Go shopping
5. hang out with friend
6. Tidy up my room
7. go Machrichite for walk
8. watch TV
9. pay bill ( i got a lot of outstanding bills)
10. ........

23:35 as usual I am still in office.
Going off liao............晚安

ps: 今天看到宝宝在电视广告上的一小片段

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