Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Pan Pac- The Atrium

Yesterday, I was there with a friend.
quite a cozy place.
with live music.

Like the decor and
the colours are very dream like.
We picked the seat at the bar area
since there are only 2 of us.
A first time for me.
I hardly stay near the bar area.
My clubing style is alway very lay back and relax
I will alway find a nice sofa seat and relax in it.
I really mean"relax" and unglam
But at bar area
it was different
really interesting.......
I like it.....
coz i still can look at
the bartender la and
see him do his mixing.....
Occasionally toking to u...=)
ha ha sort of remind me of
Chunking express.
Lin Qing xia was at the bar area
drinking alone.
The only lacking thing is a cigartte
which i hardly/ seldom/dun touch.
hm....maybe a wig
and Jin Chen wu
(of coz, my companion that day also can la)

Oh and Finally
found the Tequila Sunrise
that resemble the first TS
my friend mixed for me.
according to him
the way to drink Tequila Sunrise is :
with a straw and
in one breath drink
suck up all the drink fro the bottom of the tall glass
and all the way up.
deal to density,
tequila is alway on the top
so u sort of drink up
all the orange concoctionand
then fellow by the tequila.
xian tian hou gu hm......
dunnoe did my friend sa bo me or not?
coz if i drink like that i will be drunk b4 i can say bottom up.
Anyway, i always like this cocktail.
it look beautiful and it taste nice

Too bad we didnt stay for long......
Juz warm up a little and
it was abt time to go off already.
The last time when i was at
The bar
My friend and I stay till 1.30am
I felt the nite is still young
ha ha ha
suppose to work today.
We all looked tired.

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