Wednesday, 25 May 2005

Never too old

The DJs were talking about the up and coming YAH programme for people over 50s this morning. The whole idea is for people over 50s to be more active and socialable. Learn about new thing at their own pace. The concept is so interesting. I would love to promo this to my parents but it is on a saturday. Even if they are free, i doubt that they would want to join anyway.

Ming De was talking abt how his mother would flip thru magazine, newspaper eventhough hardly understand what it is. I was reminded of my granny who lived up to ripe old age of 80, she used to do that to. She would go thru the Chinese newspaper page by page and seeming reading. Back then, i was really amazed that she can read but in actual fact she can hardly. She was trying to pick out familiar words she known and occasionally asking us. I dun think she can rememder what we have juz told her but it is the spirit that i greatly admired abt her. Never too old to do anything; Never too old to learn. It is even more so when i realised that not old people are like that. I really missed her.

Wednesday, 4 May 2005

meow meow

Every morning on my way to work, i will by pass a tawny brown cat. I would "meow" to her when i think no one is looking. The cat would always meow back at me while continue her destination.
It became a habit of mine. Ha ha. It almost like a morning greeting. We did it for many months until one day i relieased that i dun see her for a few weeks. i thouht she might be caught or something.
The night before, i was working very late. I used the walkway from the coffeeshop. I found 2 little kittens at side of the stair. By their side are a Tawny adult cat that look rather familiar. I bended down and meow at the 2 kittens , Not sure if the mother will attack me or not. The two kittens ran away from me but Suprisingly the adult came up to me in a very friendly manner. As if she knows me. Ha ha
she muz be the cat that i see every morning. She is now a mother. No wonder she has been gone for so long. =) I wonder will i see her tonite.

ps: my friend commented that it is juz a friendly cat. It purr at everyone. ha ha quite true la. Juz for fun mah.