Friday, 28 November 2008

Random works

I received my book sample this week. Has been rushing a dateline which was incredibly tight . But the outcome was quite satisfying. To date, this is my favorite cover art of all time.

I drew the cover in a very short period of time ( shorter than the other I have done before) but oddly I have most fun doing it. It bought so much childhood memories. A time where I was really young and crazy about space. I would spend time drawing space and stars on my drawing board. It was good Fun.

And... ...
Rememder the Owl that I sketched a while back?

These are their final nesting "wall"
Happily in a lightbox and mounted on a wall.

and....1 random pix from my project research.
A bird house. chirp chirp

Sunday, 23 November 2008


这是朋友从丽江带回来 的板栗饼。有黑芝麻的,是咸的而白芝麻的是甜的。都非常好吃。它在烤热时的香味让我想起丽江。

Chestnut oven roll cake from Yun Nan - LiJiang

Saturday, 22 November 2008


0. 当然黄文鸿的精彩演出不在话下。 / 1.Welcome to Geylang 的大胆成人内容 / 2. 坚文 的出场。 他是“漂亮”的 / 3.大卫的心声 / 4.甲虫的几度夕阳红。很好听,可惜咬字不清因为甲虫妹妹是吃土豆长大的。 

有趣的是,我前面右边的位子坐了个老外。感觉上他也听得懂华语,因为有几幕他都笑开了怀。看来黄文鸿还真有号召力的。还有的是,我前面边的位子坐了个长得超象郑展伦的先生。不过实在没勇气问:“Excuse me, are you Mr Zheng, the singer?”

我喜欢摄影师大卫 ,独白里的一段话。




Saturday, 15 November 2008

Madagascar : Escape 2 Africa

Madagascar 2: Big And Chunky featuring Moto Moto and

I got a crush on Alex the lion. Ha ha...I am " So...." going to watch this.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Blue sky holiday

Here are some more shots from my Bintan short trip. ( Ask me for my photo link if u want to see more)
Anyway this trip was quite special. It was a "group" celebration for *some of us who have reached 30 years of age this year. Most of us have known each other since primary school and that was a long long times ago..... We practically grew up together. =)

* Special thanks to Jolene, for being the organizer of this trip. Oh..... ... btw she is not 30 yet. When it comes to age, all women are sensitive. hee hee

And lastly, some food shots to go along with a good trip

We looked all over the place for some coconuts to quench our thirst.

Ayam Betutu. Surprisingly delicious. I love the side dishes.

Chicken satay done in Indonesian style.

Curry chicken was creamy and thick.

A view from our restaurant. That yacht across the horizon was the closest we can get to a sailing boat.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

All about voting.

Today, I listened with great interest as BBC live broadcasted the America presidential vote. Thanks to modern technology, we can receive information live from Internet even though the time zone is so vastly different. I have to admit, I was excited over the whole event. Today will goes down in history as the day where American voted for an African American. I studied Modern American history in my school day, so it was really quite interesting to see thing unfolding itself. =)

creative public service announcements to encourage American to vote.

America is such an interesting country.

Monday, 3 November 2008


Here a little sneak preview to my Bintan trip over the weekend. More to come when I am more rested. =) It was 6.30am + when I took these shots. There was not a single soul on the beach and I was playing David Tao 沙滩 in the back of my head. It was quite perfect.

空無一人 這片沙灘 風吹過來 冷冷海岸 我輕輕抖落鞋裡的沙 看著我的腳印 OH 一個人一步步 好寂寞 

看海有些綠 天有些藍 那段愛情有些遺憾 像不知不覺 游向海天 到最深的地方 才發現妳早已經 放棄我

我聽着海浪 溫柔的呼吸 我看著雲朵 飄來飄去 有什麼方法 讓自己真的忘記

ONLY BLUE ONLY BLUE 愛讓人好憂鬱 我的心 我的心 藍藍地

我真的想找一條船 能遠遠離開這片沙灘 每次又回到同樣海邊 還是會對妳想念 想念妳有點 BLUE 沒有人能像妳 留給我的回憶 有點...... BLUE OH .......ONLY BLUE