Friday, 29 May 2009




I have been busy realizing my " Ikea shopping experience " for the past few months. Beside the initial purchase which required delivery service, I have been visiting Ikea every week to bring back small items to perfect my room.

Beside the bed that I mentioned a while back, I also bought the modules shelving Ivar system for my books. And that needed quite a bit of planning and co-ordination on my part.

My old protesting book shelves, over burdened with books .
And this was only the peak of an iceberg.

Initial planning. Studying the Ivar module system .
Taking down measurement and planning the number of side units and shelving unit.

This side units are at 226 cm ( height ). Very tall.
On the left are the finished assemble book shelves and I got 3 sets of it. =) Thanks to Jack, without him I would not know how to carry those heavy individual modules from the warehouse. Thanks to Dad who helped me assembled the whole thing. Quite an interesting bonding experience. =D

The best part of the experience was sorting out the books and put them on the brand new shelving. I can open a rental library liao. =)

Now, I will just need a wooden step stool to complete the look.


和外面卖的肉粽最大的不同就是里面包了鱿鱼。很有嚼劲。每年我总会带几粒给同事吃。去年,和阿姨拜师学艺可是包得实在太难看了,今年没有在包。哈哈~ ~不过, 我觉得传统手艺应该好好学习并传承下去的。Maybe next year. =D

细数数, 到现在为止我已吃了 ;
- 4 粒海南肉粽
- 和家人共享了1粒印度肉粽/1粒Rendang 肉粽 /1 粒Thai curry 肉粽。(Thai curry肉粽 是好吃的咯 。)
- 1 粒斋粽



Wednesday, 27 May 2009



我从进入地铁车厢开始,就一直看这坐在我前方的男人。他的头发set 得很Edward Cullen 。我好奇。我以为Edward Cullen的 “怒发冲冠”头只有在hair studio 和photo studio 才set 得到。那种没有风,要冷,要干燥,还要有很多asistants 的controlled environment. 那头长长的spiky hair 才不会塌。

差不多3-4cm 的头发是怎么可以固定得那么“稳”的?尤其是在这样一个大热天,那么humid 的早上,他的头发为什么可以“毅力不倒”,还很有活力的飞舞着?

了不起呀。我以为hair wax 碰到humid 的空气和汗水,就会开始“融化”的。

“您用了几罐hair wax 和hair spray 呀?”

Friday, 22 May 2009

明信片- 北京290305

前天,杜自寻涛格主转载了一小段余秋雨的文章。原来我们都是他的" 粉丝”。一时兴起,把余秋雨《跟随余秋雨的脚步》系列的《非亚之旅》从书架里拿了来看。竟给我发现了挟在书里许久的明信片。我都忘了。Out of sight, out of mind.



便当 - Chicken bake rice

21。05 的午餐便当。

{ Recipe }
- Leftover rice from dinner
- a handful of mixed vegetable and peas ( boiled)
- half tomato, cucumber. Diced.
- Half Chicken breast, boiled
- Sprinkle in a little black pepper + chopped chives + salt for seasoning
- cheese slice
- cheddar cheese

Assemble all the ingredients in a aluminum foil. Put thin slices of cheese on the top. Cover up and put in oven for about 10-15 min. 2 mins before time up, sprinkled in some cheddar cheese. Done.

Saturday, 16 May 2009


In the mood for some cooking today.

Sunny side up

Some of the dishes I cooked up a week back.

1 Sunny side up with toast for Breakfast.
1 " disastrous sunny side down" with toast

My signature warm salad for lunch.

Friday, 15 May 2009


Joan of Arc : The messenger.
This is one of my favourite movie, eventhough it didn't received good review. I admired a director that took a historic character and gave it a new life with his own interpretation and a different perspective. No one need to see a same angle twice.

Right or wrong, doesn it really mattered?

I was especially impressed with this particular screenplay. In this scene, Joan of Arc was caught by the English. In the cell, she started talking to an imaginary figure, Her conscious ( acted by Dustin Hoffman).

She was debating with him, her cause and action. The signs that she thought was sent from God. Was it really or simply her own wishful thinking?

To which her conscious replied her:
You didn't see what was, You saw what you wanted to see.

It was very philosophical.

In life, most of us only see what we chose to see and ignore the rest of the possibilities too.

Powerful acting by Milla Jovovich and Dustin Hoffman. Enjoyed myself watching the chemistry between them. It was like a game of chess.

Bert and Ernie in a pyramid

Believe it or not, I found myself watching Sesame Street on You tube today. Its all started with a Harry Nilson song " Everbody talkin". Ha ha.

Somehow I always remembered these particular scene, Bert and Ernie in a pyramid. It was so funny. And why do I like Ernie? That signature laugh of his is so contagious. hihihihihi....

Saturday, 9 May 2009






多经典的歌后 一刹眼已走
缠绵着青葱的山丘 转眼变蚁丘
这个刹那宇宙 拒绝永久
世事无常还是未看够 还未看透

多好玩的东西 早晚会放低
从前并肩的好兄弟 可会撑到底
爱侣爱到一个地步 便另觅安慰
枉当初苦苦送礼 最艳的花卉

夕阳无限好 天色已黄昏
本想去凭爱 去换最灿烂一生
想不到长吻 带来更永恒伤感

夕阳无限好 却是近黄昏
高峰的快感 刹那失憾
风花雪月不肯等人 要献便献吻

多风光的海岛 一秒变废土
长存在心底的倾慕 可会够细数
每秒每晚彷似大盗 偷走的青春一天天变老
只可追忆到 想追追不到

夕阳无限好 天色已黄昏
本想去凭爱 去换最灿烂一生
想不到长吻 带来更永恒伤感

夕阳无限好 却是近黄昏
高峰的快感 刹那失陷
风花雪月不肯等人 要献便献吻

夕阳平常事 然而每天眼见的

Friday, 8 May 2009

Park connectors

The latest topics in my office right now are foldable bicycle and park connectors. Gone were the time where all we talked about was jogging and preparing for the Great Eastern Run. =P

My boss recently bought a foldable bicycle and has been cycling all over the country via park connectors. How cool is that. Being wanting to buy a bicycle but there isnt enough space to house a second one. Foldable bike is a good solution. However, the good one cost abt SGD 1000+ ..... am I willingly to part with that $$. ?

I love cycling and the park connectors are a very welcome new. It has provided me with an alternate option to East coast and Pulau Ubin . ( Neighbourhood park is too short too boring for me =P )

Recently my boss took the Coastal Park Connector, 8 Km from East coast park to Changi village. I missed that. They will be trying out the Kallang Park connectors which connect all the way from Kallang to Bishan. That will be really interesting to try. =)

Monday, 4 May 2009




我们 :-

一个, 手长脚长
小时候的那张Queen size bed
她终于如愿以偿,买了Queen size bed。

一个, 手短脚短
还是没有outgrown the length of it.
她特不舍得换新的。因为恋旧 (太)




Saturday, 2 May 2009

The Great Outdoor

The simple joy of life.

A healthy dosage of wind, speed and sunlight.
Sunlight peeping through shapes of green.
Bird of different kinds
singing that wonderful song of their.
Wonderful, wonderful place.

That is,
if you push your limit
cycled all the way away from the human crowds.
Area H.
A little bit more,
one will be able to board a boat,
all the way to another Island.

A little bit more.

Friday, 1 May 2009

1 Asian Elephant

Can you tell the different between an Asian Elephant and an African one ?