Thursday, 30 June 2005

sleep walker

It is now 00:18. I m now at Ang Mo Kio ‘s Mrt station, waiting for the last train to arrived at 00:26. I have never taken a last train from Ang Mo kio before. A few empty train has came into the middle lane and moved out again. It is likely they are heading for Bishan terminal……. So tire right now. Yawn : 0 …… train still not here yet…..My Mp3 is playing Karen Mok ‘s Close to you. It is such a beautiful song to listen to at this hour. …… train comes liao… …. These few days, I have been sleeping really late. 2 AM at least....[OT + come home late + internet = late night + sleepy + dark eye circle] I just bought a new pc. Has been staying really late, just to transfer files. Of coz, with a faster computer also equal to faster Internet speed. Leading to msn, chatting until forgot what time it is….. Now walking back home……..think I will end here. Nite

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