Tuesday, 14 June 2005

First Post

I have decided to close my xanga account and move all my friendster's blogs here. I was using friendster blog previously. But when they start to send blog alert post to my contact list, i decided to change location. I still prefer to keep my journal to my closed friends only not the whole group of ppls. Have been looking at my cousin blog, look really interesting.
Anyway, i have moved my Xanga mail here as well. A patheic one entry ha ha , which i opened in a Peking hotel. My very first.
Friday, March 25, 2005
Xanga : This is my first post. Never imagine i will start one using a computer at peking. Has been wanting to start one ever seen last month. I am a morning person. Every morning when i wok up, i would have string of thoughs that i want to note down. but i was either in a rush or i dun have a note pad with me.So the best bet if for me to write everything on my blog when i am at work.

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