Tuesday, 21 June 2005

A story of cofee and salt

[ Once, there were this guy that fall in luv with a girl he known. All the while he was pondering how to make the first move. And finally one day, He gathered up all his courage and asked the girl out for a cup of coffee. The idea of His dream girl sitting right oppsite him made him really nervous. He was so nervous that he hardly noticed what he was puting into his cup of coffee. The girl was really pluzzed.

" why did u put salt into your coffee " the girl asked.

Only then did he realised he has been puting in salt all along. Didnt want to lose face infront of her, he quickly decided what's the next best thing to do.

" Back in my home town, we add salt instead of sugar into our coffee. Salted coffee alway reminded me so much of my homeland." He lied

The girl was really touched and impressed. Such a semtimental men..........

So the story go that they have had a wonderful courtship and married life. Everytime, when they were having coffee together, the girl would add salt to his coffee juz the way he "like" it. The guy would keep quiet and drink up the salted coffee. Pretending that that was the best coffee ever.

Until the day when he was on his death bed, then did he review the truth. He told his wife he has drank salted coffee all his life but in actual fact salted coffee taste really aweful..... He only drank it becoz he luv his wife and didnt bear to upset her... .. ... ]

That was how much i heard. It was an extract from a call-in listener. Yuling mixed it and use it for her jingle. I dun think i have carry the emotion thru. It is something that one has to listen themseleve and feel it. Different people might have a different interpretation to it. The guy even seened quite silly. it almost unreal. I guess that love right? They make u do stupid things. =)

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