Sunday, 26 June 2005

My Birthday Night

Yesterday, I was at THE BAR with Jolene, Laysee and Charlotte. It has been quite sometime since my last visit to a pub. Anyway, THE BAR is a jazz bar in a Regent Hotel. She was accompanied by a panist and a double bass player. The singing was really great, althought Jo perfered the pervious singer who was much friendlier. I partically like the pianist and double bass player. They were really great.Played one of my favourite song, Over The Rainbow. I really like Blue and Jazz or maybe I m more in love with that Era coz i like Big band as well. One of my fav soundtrack is The English Patient which is totally cool compilation of Jazz, blue and music. Songs like Cheek to cheek, wang wang blues etc etc. Let see, i bought that album 8 years ago, till now it is still one of my favourite.

The Bar's atmosphere was really good. I ordered my fav Tequila Sunrise but it was quite different from the one i used to have. Their Tequila sunrise was much more fruity and the appearance is very different too. It has been so long since my last TS that I have completely forgoten how it taste like...Jolene and I stayed till quite late yesterday. Around 1+. The singer has sang her last song and most of the people has went off. There were few people left in the bar and the waitresses were clearing the glass. The place was really quiet. Only some jazz music was playing softly in the background. Such a wonderful time to chat. so hard to drag ourselves from the sofa and make our way home ha ha.

PS: Thursday, July 7, 2005/ Two weeks have passed since my birthday. Just has an urge to add on something more. The highlight of that night was actually a birthday song from a friend. He is an online friend that I hardly knew but shared a lot of common interest with. To my young friend, I am quite sure u dun visit and read my Blog. Just in case you do, thanks for the birthday song again. It is such a nice gesture to someone you hardly knew. You have made my birthday week a very memorable one. It is regrettable we didn’t managed to meet up. Maybe we are not fated to meet after all. =) Nice knowing you , even though its just a short period.
29072005/meet no regret. =) Cute guy. hee hee

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