Wednesday, 22 June 2005

Breakfast @ Botanic

19062005 / Sunday morning 8am, I have had a wonderful garden breakfast with my buddies [7 gals + 1 baby + 1 guy =P]. It was supposed to be my "very early" birthday celebration. For my Birthday this year, I wanted something different. Maybe going to Ubin for seafood dinner? or juz picnic in the park. If I have chosen Ubin, I think I would need to drag some of them there liao.=)Anyway, I am glad I have picked BG, coz it turn out to be really cozy place. Really enjoy myself and hope my friends did too. Too bad HAPPY cant make it, or she will be one happy dog that day. =) Thank you GuY for waking up so early in morning just to eat breakfast with me. Of coz, not forgetting the present.( ..... I have spent them all on the day itself. hee hee hee I was browsing in Kino and couldnt resist the temptation. ha ha...

Anyway, this is the restaurant, "Halia Restaurant". ( Halia in Malay is ginger) Located in Botanic Garden, ginger garden. It is quite close to the main entrance and the typersall gate, with lot of activity going on. But must give a thumb up to the Landscape designer( or whoever plan it). As the restaurant surrounding are decorated with tall plants, so one is not disturb by the activity outside. The food is not bad. Intercontinental. But at $18+++ is a bit too x and not much spread. Heard from my friends that the Laksa is really good. Very spicy. I didnt take any, as my stomach cant tahan spicy thing in the morning. What else, got egg omelet, siew main, bacon porridge etc etc. Overall not bad. Dun mind going back again. =)

Our mysterious  Siew Mian Critic
Our mysterious Siew Mian Critic,
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I did mentioned siew mian rite. Well, this is one of my "secret" food critic. i m supposed to "MA SAI KE" her face before uploading her pix. So how do u like it libing? Bet u really like the siew mian judging by your expression. =) Come to think of it, i didnt eat much leh. The Whole time i was there taking pix, chatting away.

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