Friday, 29 May 2009




I have been busy realizing my " Ikea shopping experience " for the past few months. Beside the initial purchase which required delivery service, I have been visiting Ikea every week to bring back small items to perfect my room.

Beside the bed that I mentioned a while back, I also bought the modules shelving Ivar system for my books. And that needed quite a bit of planning and co-ordination on my part.

My old protesting book shelves, over burdened with books .
And this was only the peak of an iceberg.

Initial planning. Studying the Ivar module system .
Taking down measurement and planning the number of side units and shelving unit.

This side units are at 226 cm ( height ). Very tall.
On the left are the finished assemble book shelves and I got 3 sets of it. =) Thanks to Jack, without him I would not know how to carry those heavy individual modules from the warehouse. Thanks to Dad who helped me assembled the whole thing. Quite an interesting bonding experience. =D

The best part of the experience was sorting out the books and put them on the brand new shelving. I can open a rental library liao. =)

Now, I will just need a wooden step stool to complete the look.


moonie said...

hey... not bad siah .. esp the last pic.. look much much much more tidy than before ... hee...
if i were to re-arrange my bookcase again, also cant get this tidy effect .. heee..

Bingbing said...

lol, u have to come to see in person. not really that tidy. =)

I think I need a new house to house all my books. My dvd collection is also climbing. Needs room for it.