Friday, 8 May 2009

Park connectors

The latest topics in my office right now are foldable bicycle and park connectors. Gone were the time where all we talked about was jogging and preparing for the Great Eastern Run. =P

My boss recently bought a foldable bicycle and has been cycling all over the country via park connectors. How cool is that. Being wanting to buy a bicycle but there isnt enough space to house a second one. Foldable bike is a good solution. However, the good one cost abt SGD 1000+ ..... am I willingly to part with that $$. ?

I love cycling and the park connectors are a very welcome new. It has provided me with an alternate option to East coast and Pulau Ubin . ( Neighbourhood park is too short too boring for me =P )

Recently my boss took the Coastal Park Connector, 8 Km from East coast park to Changi village. I missed that. They will be trying out the Kallang Park connectors which connect all the way from Kallang to Bishan. That will be really interesting to try. =)

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