Friday, 15 May 2009


Joan of Arc : The messenger.
This is one of my favourite movie, eventhough it didn't received good review. I admired a director that took a historic character and gave it a new life with his own interpretation and a different perspective. No one need to see a same angle twice.

Right or wrong, doesn it really mattered?

I was especially impressed with this particular screenplay. In this scene, Joan of Arc was caught by the English. In the cell, she started talking to an imaginary figure, Her conscious ( acted by Dustin Hoffman).

She was debating with him, her cause and action. The signs that she thought was sent from God. Was it really or simply her own wishful thinking?

To which her conscious replied her:
You didn't see what was, You saw what you wanted to see.

It was very philosophical.

In life, most of us only see what we chose to see and ignore the rest of the possibilities too.

Powerful acting by Milla Jovovich and Dustin Hoffman. Enjoyed myself watching the chemistry between them. It was like a game of chess.

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