Friday, 10 April 2009

Think family

" So to my beautiful children , I hope one too find yourself life partners, who are as beautifully imperfect, as your father was to me."

Saw the new public awareness campaign of National Family Council on channel five. I was really impressed by the 3 mins long tv campaign. Someone have put time and soul into creating this ad. Well worth a round of applause.

Especially love the part where the wife joked about the deceased snoring. Toward the end of the decease life, the snoring became an indicator that he was still alive. How familiar was that. I remembered a time when I was one of the caretaker to my granny. Towards the last few day, it was the same. Every little breath she took, was an indicator.

I love the " lightheartedness" the director has set for the advert. Its not about the mourning for the decease. It is about the celebration of one life. No crying, all smile. =)

Beautifully imperfect........
How well said, cause we are all imperfect in one way or another but there will be someone out there that will appreciate and fully embraced that imperfectness. Its beautiful.

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