Sunday, 19 April 2009

Opera ghost in G minor

Adagio in G minor

For friends that have knew me a long while, would know that I am totally crazy about [ The phantom of the opera ] and "idolize" the Phantom. But strangely, my favorite phantom was neither Boardway version non the latest movie one.

It was an old 1989 movie production. An adapted interpretation of the Boardway classic. The OST was new too. The phantom was acted by Robert Englund. He made his fame by playing Freddy in [A Nightmare On Elm Street] . The very famous horror series. Think that would also made me a freak since I fall in love with his version of the Opera ghost. haha

I have been looking for that version for long time. It neither on YouTube non in any video stores. Today out of the blue , I decided to type Robert Englund into YouTube search. And some angels have finally uploaded some short clips. haha....

Here is one of the clip that featured the song that I loved. The music score was by Misha Segal.

Gosh..... just read in one of the YouTube comment , the song was inspired by " Adagio in G minor". The beautiful melody that has " haunted" me for years has finally got a name.

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