Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Bring your own bag - Edward Norton

Bring your own bag. Stop using plastic bag.

When I was in Lijiang, I was really surprised that they do not use plastic bag. They charged you for every paper bag that you used. So when I got back to Singapore, I have collected more than 4-5 paper bags of every sizes , coz I kept on forgetting to bring my own shopping bags. hahaha~~

That was way before our "Bring your own bag Wednesday". In 2006. We really should not be complaining about the 10 cents that are charged.

And speaking of playing a part in saving the environment, no one beat Taiwan and Japan. When I was in Taiwan, my Taiwanese friend picked up the pet bottles that we have just threw away , washed it and put it into a separate trash bag so that the collector can recycle them later. We were so embarrassed. =P

Seriously, it is really time for us to be more aware of our environment. Ha, and me included. I wont lie, sometimes I forget to bring my own bag for grocery shopping too. =P Nowadays, I keep a small foldable bag in my bag so that I can use it any time.

Its an conscious effort. =)

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