Sunday, 3 July 2005


The time now is 4pm and i juz woke up two hr ago. ha ha that were be 2 pm?? Now i am in a dazed and quite confusing too. Have not been sleeping for such a long hourS. Yesterday, i actually dosed off on the train and nearly miss my stop.Muz be all the late night that add up to this...........
Yesterday after going to office in the morning, i went over to plaza singapura. Watching initial D with Jo. I was 1 hr too early. So in the end, i bought one of those pocket book and went over to StarBurk to spend my time. For once, i am imagine myself living a yuppie lifestyle. Lazy afternoon + regular coffee + a book. The only thing that is absent is a laptop.
After that I went over for second round with laysee and delcia Watching A lot like love. It is very funny but i dun think it is any better than When Harry meet Sally which is along the same kind of plot.

Yesterday really spent a lot. 2 MOVIE ($19+) Not counting in the food. I really missed the day when the ticket price is $3.5 for normal seat and $4.50 for better seat. Thank goodness, i no longer surviving on watching movie like i use to be......

Anyway before that we went over to Marina Square for my dinner. I ordered a dish, grilled salmon with salsa. It was really good. I think i have found a dish that i really like. I love salsa. It was a taste i acquired long ago while waitressing in a mexicano restaurant called, The Wild Chicken. (Brad Pitt worked in the US the wild chicken as well before he is famous.)I missed those day..The restaurant is very cozy. Their seat is actually sofa with little red pillow for back. I suspect it is because the sofa is too deep.

Muz give a thumb up to their drink. quite interesting choices. I picked a ice peach soda drink. I always like soda drink. If my memory is correct, PP introduce me to this drink many year ago. It is plain soda (cardonated soda water)with whatever syrup one can think of Or juz add in some fruit. Maybe some mint syprup will be interesting too. I like how the drink is serve. A glass of icy water like soda with the syrup at the bottom of the glass. They alway provided the stirer for u to mix the drink up. I enjoy that proccess. ha ha anyway delcia announed that she is rom with Andy soon. Very happy for her. Finally settling down.

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