Friday, 22 July 2005

Movie Maniac 's Oscar

Used to be a movie maniac
1 -3 movie per week , is pc of cake
Now, 3-4 mth one movie. Juz addicted to movie magazine
i noe..what's the point

Used to buy lot of vcd
Now mainly rent but still buy good movie dvd for collection

2 movies i will never forget
* [Pleasantville]
Beautiful movie.
Black and white for the first half of the movie
Colours started to appear bit by bit as the characters found the existence of emotions
the "Suan Tian Gu la" of life....
what's the meaning of life without all those elements....isnt it
Lovely movie

*[ What dream may comes ]
dun watch it anymore.
coz it alway make me cry**
desparate, sorrow, happy, anger, bitter ,sweet, heart breaking, reunion, separation all roll into one.
n makes me want to believe in the idea of soulmate, twin souls etc etc...
the idea that everyone has a soulmate out there......somewhere.....
that the dreamer and the unrealistic part of me speaking
** Fleeing by Nite also. so maru. . I was sobbing away when the movie ended. Walking out of the threatre looking like a panda..... but that was like 2yrs ago=)

1 movies that i slept thru the whole runtimes
[ The Map of the World ]

Closest Encounter to a Movie Site
[ The Last Emperor ]
Visited The forbidden city. Totally awesome.
Love the movie. fabulous soundtrack.Beautiful Costume.
like the Qing period, dunnoe why.
watch the uncensored version recently, conventionally steamy...... ha ha

1 movies that has the best love scence (no sex but juz talk )
[ Confession of a Dangerous Mind]
between Drew Barrymore & Sam Rockwell

Best sex scence? (not includin porno) :
Cant recall yet.....let me think (ha....blush....)
ar...Kama sutra?? or maybe Dangerous Laison

1 movies that i m still seekin [ Orlando ]
starred my fav actress Tilda Swinton
Looking 4ward to [ The Chronicles of Narnia ]

Actors that i always go gaga abt : Sam rockwell, Ralph Fiennes, Dustin Hoffman

1 OST that is my absolute fav [ The English Patient ]

Suprised That I liked it movie

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