Tuesday, 12 July 2005

PS StarBucks

12 07 2005/ Tuesday/Raining day / I was back in PS Starbuck, while waiting for Jolene to knock off from work again. I bought myself a nice cup of hot latte and settled myself down at the seat facing the full lenght window. I started reading I wish to see you now*** until Jo came in after sometime. ( I told her to take her time, since i juz bought my latte. ) Anyway, that row of seats facing the window were really nice for reading or writing. It has the best light source. I have been wanting to sit around that area for quite a long time. ha ha Maybe I was so inspired by You got mail that I wanted to act it out as well. (there is a scene where meg ryan was siting at the window seat, reading a book......She looked really relaxing and enjoying herself.......) I like Starbuck, especially the one in Plaza Singapura. I always feel really cozy. I used to frequent Causeway point StarBuck with PP and Jolene. That was so long ago. Before the cafe was replace by BREADTALK. That SB was right at the cornor facing the plaza square. Full lenght window at 2 side, it was bright but not glaring. Many of my sunday afternoon was spent there, chating with friend and people watching. I missed that time so much..... I think i juz started working.21?22? There was a lot of stress trying to cope with working life. That place was almost like a hid out for me.....=) *** A Japanese novel which was also adapted into the movie called, Be with you. It was abt this woman who made a promise to her hushand at her death bed. That she will come back at the next raining season when their kid is at pri school . Juz want to see if everything is ok. Shereally did kept her promise. She came back but without any memories of her life before. Not meomories of her husdand or her kid.......So the husdand he;p her bring back all the memories that she has lost. Their courtship, how they fall in love etc etc etc....... I almost wanted to watch the movie. I was at the threatre looking at poster, and finally decide against it. I didnt want to know the ending and spoil the moment. I finishing the book soon, i am really curious how the writer is going to end the story.

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