Sunday, 1 November 2009

Women Run the City

5.30a 穿上我的红色战衣,戴上我的鸭嘴帽,穿上我的慢跑鞋。出发!

[1]Sea of Reds -- 0700 flag off [2] Nicoll Highway -- It is not very often one get to run on a highway, this is one of those event that one can [3][4][5] 8km mark-- on the F1 race track [6] Final dash for the finishing line

Black eye pea " I gotta feeling " was voted for the flag off song. Love it. It was one of those energy packed, feel good song. ..... I gotta feeling... That today's gonna be a good day.....That today's gonna be a good day........That today's gonna be a good good day. ..... high leh.......Keep on repeating it, u will start believing so even if you are in a bad mood . haha


小叶子 said...

哈哈~ 冰冰去走走,还拍照哦~ 10公里,厉害!我只能跑3公里。 今年我没去,因为很忙,去年报名了,也不能去参加,冰冰和谁一起去慢跑?好玩吗?

冰冰 said...


不错,我很享受跑在公路的。可惜今年没得跑 CBD area.

明年还有一年,一起吧。=) 我还想用跑的,好好征服着10k.