Wednesday, 11 November 2009


A transcipt I took from
Louise L. Hay's Totality Of Possibilities

One idle thought does not mean very much,
But thoughts that we think over and over
are like drops of water

At first there are just a few,
but after a while
you create a pebble,
and then a pond,
and then a lake,
and then an ocean

and by our thinking
if it is negative

we can drown in a sea of negativity
if it is positive
we can float on the ocean of life

and it all have to do with how we use our thought to think

(Maybe it is for the best.)

[ 天堂与地狱只是在你的一念之间 ]



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冰冰 said...

This is for someone that really p***** me off yesterday.

This post has gone through a few rounds of edition before it reaches this stage. haha..... just need to vent some fustration out