Monday, 10 April 2006


10 reasons why I like WALAWALA
1. The Band - They rocks!
2. Love the casual crowd (people come in bermuda and slipper......ha ha cool)
3. Its small and personal
4. Love that chuddy Bass guitarist - er boddy??( luv bass)
5. Headbanging to electric guitar
6. where everyone around u is singing and cheering to the same tune.......... No one is too shy to sing ur heart out) ~ lalalala........AND I SAYS : " WHAT'S GOING ON?!"
7. the calamari dish is surprisingly good.....=)
8. Mr BornSalemanHalfMalayHalfChinese Bartender
10. last but not list - The songs of coz

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Moonie said...

becos when i left msg in ur blog also no reply, so may as well put in mine. i know u will see it ... hehe