Sunday, 2 April 2006

28 things I wish to do before and after I turn 28

Hi guys........
I did this for the fun of it..........
Nothing really serious

1. plan my birthday wish list
2. Find Ernie
3. paint my room
4. revamp my wardrobe
5. 幸福的感觉
6. find a point that is nearest to the sky
7. backpacking
8. go cycling every saturday morning
9. stop doing silly thing
10. stop contradicting myself
11. quit worrying
12. sketch A journey
13. Write more
14. find that one person that make my heart skip a beat
15. create my personal website like Wu Jia Yin (link her in my blogspot)
16. give up my "kiddult" life style
17. i want to see snow ( not ice kachang )
18. send my birthday wish list to anyone that care to know (hee hee hee)
19. let my parent enjoy life after their retirement
20. give up dreaming
21. join a group/club
22. plan my next few years
23. start researching on art therapy course
24. save $$ and save more $$ for europe and silk road
25. find my dream home
26. lead a more exciting life
27. volunteer at Dover Hospice for terminally illl patient
28. Just be happy everyday.


AllyKay said...

I don't think you should give up on dreaming, just work harder to make your dreams reality.
And don't worry too much if you don't find yourself happy everyday, I'm not so sure that's possible. If I find out I'll let you know.

Moonie said...

u have lot of my pics ......