Sunday, 23 April 2006

Take the lead

Caught [Take the lead ] yesterday
Enjoyed the movie totally.
Make you want to put on a pair of dancing shoe
and go dancing.
The fusion of HipHop and Ballroom dancing is brillant.

HipHop - Love the energy

Ballroom - So Romantic

Antonio Banderas is dashing in this film. He sorts of reminded me his character in [ Interview with the Vampire ]
I love the scene where he lead the female dancer in Tango. Demostrating to his students in the detention class. Very sensual and very very sexy.

Hm......i dun mind watching it again....... to feel the energy . Especially right now, I needed it.

ps : The Asian looking guy is really cool, especially in the 2nd half where he is always in his Polo T shirt, tugged out style. I think I have a thing for guy in this style, man.......hahaha

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