Sunday, 29 August 2010

i spy

Saw this wall mount in an Advertising Firm the other day.

Was immediately attracted to its brilliant colour.
But it was the message that was the most interesting.

As a history buff myself, I find the wall art really intriguing. I like how they defined each historical figures with a single word. Eventhough I might not agreed with some of the matches, I do applauded the affort. Nice piece of work.

And here is who and what according to this artist :

Mao Zedong { Unity } ~~ I did his head bust during poly.

Deng Xiaoping { Pragmatism } ~~ 不管是黑猫白猫,只要会抓老鼠的就是好猫

Sukarno { Defiance }

Dalai Lama { Wisdom }

Bruce Lee { Speed }

King Chalalongkorn { Learning } ~~ He was my favourite king in South East Asian History.

Gandhi { Idealism } ~~ I wonder if idealism is even a complement.

Sun Yat Sen { Vision }

lee kuan Yew { Planning }

Aung San Suu Kyi { Courage }

Akira kurosawa { Craft }

I wondered why Bruce Lee is in this list ... ... Do we not have some other important figure in our modern South East Asian History that can make that list? hm... ( thinking hard )

Correction , this is more of an Asian list instead of South East Asian. =P

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