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从东海岸的一端骑脚车到了另一端 (changi park connector)。企图让速度换一点痛快。。。。那天,我骑三个小时多。要回家的时候,本来烈日当空的一天,开始狂下起雨。在BK躲雨时, 听了克敏和嘉宾 Jensen Siaw 的节目。 (Jensen Siaw是一位励志讲师)


Synchronicity , 这回事儿很奇妙。

那天的节目像是说给我听的。如果那天没拿假,我也许不会听到。因为那么一个节目,我的心情晴朗不少。Cosmic attraction, 是我深信不疑的宇宙定律。也许在我下意识里, 是拼了命在喊救命的。所以老天才在那个时间,那个地点给我上了堂免费的辅导。=)

经Jensen Siaw的同意后,在这里转贴他在部落格里写的[情绪海啸]。这是第一章。其他篇章,请到:A Life Discoverer's Blog

Thanks Jensen

给在情绪海啸里浮沉的人。来得及的(和来不及的) 加油! 加油!
Lets ride on the top of an emotion tsunami, instead of drowning in it.

18 August An Emotions Tsunami

Have you ever been visited by tremendous waves of negative feelings, rendering you almost incapacitated, crippled and helpless? This is what I call an "Emotions Tsunami". Triggered by a particular "earthquake" (event), past suppressed and repressed negative emotions resurfaced in gigantic waves and hit you off balance, knocked you "unconscious", and leaving you "drowning". Scary huh? Most of us have all been there, and you know what I mean. Recently, I was "hit" by one such Emotions Tsunami out of a sudden. Triggered by an almost insignificant incident, past negative emotions led by my ego visited me for a couple of days. It must have been a series of gigantic waves generated by negative emotions from more than 10 years ago. I must say it was really a huge internal struggle mentally and emotionally between my higher mind and my ego, and for several moments, my ego was the winner. Luckily, I survived with the help of my higher mind, consciousness, several key individuals, and what I have learnt from Psychology of Vision. Negative emotions coming in the form of an Emotions Tsunami is really no laughing matter. Often, this could sweep a person into the currents of depression, devastation, meaninglessness, unworthiness, valuelessness, death temptations etc. Therefore it is crucial that we recognise these symptoms in ourselves and those around us, so that we are aware of what's going on inside ourselves or in others and support with love accordingly.

How to support SOMEONE who is hit by an Emotions Tsunami?

1. Do not judge In judging, we pull ourselves away and send negative energies instead of love.

2. Do not attempt to provide solutions The person requires not solutions, but just love and emotional support.

3. Do not focus on Why Why he is hit by an Emotions Tsunami is NOT important, whether it makes sense or not is NOT important. Focus on his heart and emotions.

4. Allow him to experience and feel the negative feelings You are not him and thus have no way of truly feeling 100% how he is feeling. In allowing him to feel the negative feelings, he can "burn" and release them.

5. Support him with love Show and use compassion, empathy, care and concern. Nothing matters more at this stage than emotional support.

How to support YOURSELF in encountering an Emotions Tsunami?

1. Be aware Know that this is just your past negative emotions surfacing and this is a chance for you to heal these emotions. Only in facing these emotions and healing them then you could "graduate" and move onto the next level in your life journey

2. Spend time with yourself Spend time alone, be with yourself. In spending time with yourself, you will communicate with youself, gain insights into your negative emotions and get inspirations on how to move on.

3. Allow yourself to experience and feel Give yourself time to experience and feel those negative emotions in a safe and responsible manner. Ensure that no one is hurt, including yourself.

4. Ask for support Communicate to your loved ones what you are going through and ask them for emotional support, love and understanding.

5. Commit to bonding with your loves ones and moving forward In experiencing extreme negative emotions, our ego often tells us to separate from others and seek isolation - this is not true, not beneficial and certainly not for our happiness. Happiness is the by product of hearts joined together, not heart in isolation.

Didn't expect this sharing to come to this length. Hope you have enjoyed this posting. Share your thoughts for discussion my friends. We are on this discovery journey of life together.

Live with Joy, Succeed with Ease.


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