Saturday, 7 February 2009

The House of the Spirits

''..........Our memory is fragile. A life time is very brief. Everything happens so fast that we do not have time to understand the relationship between events. This is what my mother wrote in her diary..............''

Above was a movie transcript I took from [The House of the spirits]. Caught the movie on Tv when I was in secondary. Was delighted to see it again on You tube. Still moved by the story after so long. This is not quite a ghost story as the title has suggested, but it does fill with spirits of different kinds. Shall spare you guys from my review for I am neither a good movie reviewer non a good story teller, but do check out the wiki & you tube link attached below.

[ Quoted from Wikipedia : - ----- - The House of Spirits chronicles the lives of three generations of Trueba women. The story starts, however, with the del Valle family, focusing on Clara and Rosa, mainly. The youngest daughter, Clara del Valle, has paranormal powers and keeps a detailed diary of her life. Using her powers, Clara predicts a death in the family. Shortly after this, Clara's green-haired sister, Rosa the Beautiful, is accidentally poisoned and dies as a result. Clara accidentally watches her sister's autopsy and afterwards, terrified, stops speaking, believing her words caused her sister's death.........cont' at ]

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