Friday, 28 November 2008

Random works

I received my book sample this week. Has been rushing a dateline which was incredibly tight . But the outcome was quite satisfying. To date, this is my favorite cover art of all time.

I drew the cover in a very short period of time ( shorter than the other I have done before) but oddly I have most fun doing it. It bought so much childhood memories. A time where I was really young and crazy about space. I would spend time drawing space and stars on my drawing board. It was good Fun.

And... ...
Rememder the Owl that I sketched a while back?

These are their final nesting "wall"
Happily in a lightbox and mounted on a wall.

and....1 random pix from my project research.
A bird house. chirp chirp


Snowflix said...

Wow! Nice

NewNew said...

i din see carefully...i thought u are designing a X'mas card.


Bingbing said...

haha.... the stars do looks like snow . haha maybe that's why u think is a xmas card.