Friday, 7 November 2008

Blue sky holiday

Here are some more shots from my Bintan short trip. ( Ask me for my photo link if u want to see more)
Anyway this trip was quite special. It was a "group" celebration for *some of us who have reached 30 years of age this year. Most of us have known each other since primary school and that was a long long times ago..... We practically grew up together. =)

* Special thanks to Jolene, for being the organizer of this trip. Oh..... ... btw she is not 30 yet. When it comes to age, all women are sensitive. hee hee

And lastly, some food shots to go along with a good trip

We looked all over the place for some coconuts to quench our thirst.

Ayam Betutu. Surprisingly delicious. I love the side dishes.

Chicken satay done in Indonesian style.

Curry chicken was creamy and thick.

A view from our restaurant. That yacht across the horizon was the closest we can get to a sailing boat.


Snowflix said...


NewNew said...

i have never been to bintan before...seem like it is so relaxing

Bingbing said...

That was my first time there too. Suprisingly beautiful but I still perfered Rendang which i went few years back.

小叶子 said...

哇~~Bintan 好美哟~ 有机会一定要去看看蓝蓝的海连接蓝蓝的天。 ^0^

Reichi said...

Wow, your trip photos are very beautiful. It sounds like you had a good time with your friends there. How nice!
When I turned to 30, I took a trip with my friends, too! (We went to the U.S.)
I envy that you are still 30 years old!
Now I am very sensitive! :)

Thank you for your comment on my blog the other day.

Bingbing said...

Hi Reichi,
Thanks for dropping by. We did enjoyed ourselves very much however it is really a short trip. =)

wow.....US, I wished I will be able to travel there too. =)