Saturday, 17 May 2008

Working from home day / Ga Ga

Working on some extinct flightless bird last Sunday. I was sketching and watching Supernatural in front of the computer the same time. Guilty =D Nowadays, most of my visual references come from internet. Although it is easy reference, it could be very misleading too. In the end, I would need to cross reference with some other sources. It is almost like detective work. haha . I still love library. Nothing better than printed materials. Somehow there are more details on printed stuff.

Rough keyline sketches

Ga Ga.........

Studying Salamander and "cuten" them up.

PS: That lizard in the pix, ain't no salamander although I have had fun using it to scare the gal in my office. =D It didnt help that Laysee started to "hide" them in all the weird places. Wicked. =D


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