Thursday, 1 May 2008


Bought this beautiful patchwork at a cart in Vivo city. It was made by an old lady, Mdm Wong. She is 83 year old and suffered from ill health. So twice every month end, the social workers ( my guess) would bring her patch work over to sell at Vivo city, and whatever earning would goes to her. Her patchwork include - Floor mat, 2 sizes of coaster and blankets. No repeated design.
I always have a soft spot for grannies. All grannies reminded me of my own that has passed away 11 years ago. So there you go, I bought the large coaster, even though it could only be decorative. =D I would have bought the blanket ($75) if I am not too tie up with cash.....ha ha ......

This cushion patchwork of mine was done during my teenage year. long ago Took me a long time to finish it. =D My granny wasn't very happy with my "creativity". A traditional patchwork should be symmetrical and conformed to a few shapes and sizes only. =D Like all designs and craftwork, a lot of planning and thought have to put into it.
My motto at that time was to go with the "creative" flow aka how I feel. It wasnt very easy as I thought it would be. ... .... But well, what do one expect out of a rebellious 16 years old. haha
~~..... I still think so when I am designing. "Let's the idea flow..... Be free.... at least the initial concept"

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